Vision & Values

Welcome!  We find no better summary of what we are all about than the words of Pope Francis: “Knowing Jesus is the best gift that anyone can ever receive. That we have encountered Him is the best thing that has happened in our lives. And making Him known by our deeds and words is our greatest joy.”

Our Vision Statement



Father Mark’s Vision & Values 9/15/19 Homily exhorts us to think of the following.

Proverbs 29 says that without a vision the people will perish. And in the parable of the Prodigal Son in this Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus left the parable open ended because He is asking us whether or not we are going to buy into God’s surprising vision of relentlessly seeking the lost, seeking those who are not of the fold.

And so it is also open ended for us as well, whether or not we will buy into God’s bold vision that He has given Our Lady of Mercy.

Will you buy into God’s bold vision for our parish; that is,
to offer every person a life-changing encounter with Jesus, grow disciples, and send them on mission.


Our Core Values

Evangelically Catholic | To say we’re Catholic is to say that we at OLM proclaim, teach, support and believe the teaching of the Catholic Church. More importantly, to say that we’re Evangelically Catholic is to say that we emphasize the primacy of having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and making Him known through our word and deeds.

Constant Tinkerers | At OLM we strive for excellence so that more people will encounter Jesus Christ, grow as His disciples and be sent on mission.  If something is good, we want to make it better; if it’s great, we want to make it incredible.  Therefore, we are constantly analyzing our ministries, processes and events, and asking ourselves, “How can we make this better next time?”

Willing to Sweep Floors | If Jesus was willing to wash the feet of His disciples, is there any task too menial for us?  In the spirit of humility we strive to check our egos at the door and do whatever it takes to get the job done so that every person will encounter Jesus Christ.


Our Aspirational Values

Intentionality of Prayer | We dream to be a parish where everyone is committed to a daily prayer life, and our first instinct is to rely and call upon the Holy Spirit in all things we do.

Primacy of Sunday Eucharist | We dream to be a parish where everyone hungers to be nourished by the true presence of Christ in word and Eucharist, giving priority to coming to Mass every Sunday.

Radical Hospitality | We dream to be a parish that pulls out all the stops to welcome, embrace, and accompany everyone with unconditional love.