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What is Chosen?

The LIGHT CHOSEN program is designed to nourish and strengthen our high school teens on the journey towards the sacrament of Confirmation. Chosen is a two year process (Year 1 and 2) where teens will meet 12 times each year on a Sunday morning (8:30-10:00am) or evening (6:45-8:15pm) to explore the Catholic faith and prepare for the sacrament of Confirmation. Teens will also participate in a Search Retreat (Year 1) and Discovery Retreat (Year 2) as well as various service/discipleship projects to put their faith into action and worship events to grow closer to Jesus.

Parents: Check out this video on what Chosen is all about for your teen.




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LIGHT Chosen Confirmation Program – Info Requirements

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Upcoming Calendar

Chosen Calendar for Year 1 (Full PDF version)

Sept. 17 – Parent and Teen Kick-Off Night; 7:00-8:00pm Church

Sept. 27 –Reboot-Chris Stefanick Event (registration required)

Oct. 1 – Chosen Session #1

Oct. 15 – Chosen Session #2

Nov. 5 – Chosen Session #3

Nov. 12 – Chosen Session #4

Dec. 3 – Chosen Session #5

Jan. 26-27 –Search Retreat #1

Feb. 2-3 – Search Retreat #2


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