Chosen Session Information

General Information about Sessions

Sessions will be held 12 times each year (Year 1 & 2) and take place in the PLC 2nd floor meeting rooms. Groups will remain together (with the same teens and Faith Mentors) for both years at the same meeting times (rooms may change).

Groups will use a Student Workbook, DVD videos, activities, discussion and prayer time at each session. Teens will have homework each week and Parents are asked to follow along with the Parent Guide (given out at the Kick-Off session) each week to allow for discussion at home (dinner time, driving to an event, etc.). As always, please contact Dave in the Faith Formation office with any questions or concerns.

Attendance & Making Up a Session

Teens are expected to attend all 12 sessions each year. If a teen has to miss a class, then they are required to make it up.  ONLY 2 CLASS SESSIONS MISSED PER YEAR WILL BE ALLOWED.

Making up a class can be done one of two ways:

1) Attend the other session time on the weekend you are missing. Example: Your class is held at the 8:30am time and you can’t attend, then you can contact (via email) the evening class Faith Mentor to attend that class instead. This must be on the same weekend so you cover the correct materials. See the Faith Mentor/Class Listing on the main page to get contact information.


2)  Make-up the session by checking out a Chosen DVD of the group discussion and completing the work from that class at home. You may only check out the DVD for 3 days (so others can use the DVDs if needed) and must be completed before the next scheduled class session. DVDs can only be checked out at the Faith Formation Office between 9am and 4pm Monday through Thursday or by making prior arrangements with Dave in the office.

Books and Supplies Needed

Teens will be given a folder and notebook at the Kick-Off event in September. These should be brought to each session throughout the 2 year process. Teens will also receive a Student workbook that MUST be brought to each session. Bibles, pens, markers, etc. will be available in each small group room if needed.


Please contact Dave in the Faith Formation Office at or 331-707-5371.

Calendar Session Dates

Sessions (for teens only) meet in the PLC from 8:30-10:00am and 6:45-8:15pm.