Becoming Catholic (RCIA)

Are you interested in becoming Catholic? Are you a Catholic seeking to enrich your faith by completing the sacraments of initiation?


R.C.I A. the Catholic journey to conversion, helps you discern God’s call and prepare for this lifelong commitment and the abundant graces God gives us through His one, holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

Are you interested in becoming Catholic?

Are you Catholic but haven’t yet received all your sacraments?

Start your RCIA journey!

We will begin with the widely acclaimed ALPHA and guide you into the fullness of the Catholic faith that you are called to experience and enjoy! Virtual accommodations are available.

For questions and more information, please do reach out to
Zara Tan


Recommended Website

With both of these websites you can simply type in the topic that you want more information on and it will give you articles, videos, and audio resources.

Recommended Podcast

We especially recommend the Catholic Answers podcast. 1 hour long shows that takes callers asking questions.  Many who have made the journey back to the Catholic faith have relied heavily on this podcast in bringing them back into the church.

√ Catholic Answers 

√ Catholic Stuff You Should Know

Recommended YouTube Channels

Both of these channels is a great source for short, informative, inspiring videos about the Catholic faith.

√ Ascension Presents 

√ Bishop Robert Barron

AMA (ask me anything) with Father James

Do you have questions about Catholicism, prayer, the Bible, Church happenings, and your very own local priest?  See what we’ve learned from the questions people have submitted.  Questions such as: when to fast before attending Mass to Why does mass attendance on Sunday matter? Can’t we just go during the week on the day that’s most convenient? What if we have to work on Sunday?

√ Check out the AMA at the following