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The Mass is the great encounter with Jesus Christ.

Bishop Barron

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We are excited to bring you this resource to use with your family as you watch the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass from home! We have been working with the Diocese in developing this resource for other churches in our area to use as well.  Every week we will send this out on Saturday so you can use at home on Sunday.  Please click here for the “At Home Mass Kit” .

Q&A with the Fathers



After Sunday Mass we have “Q&A with the Fathers.”  Do you have any questions for them?  Submit here or post on the comment section during the live feed on Facebook.

After the 3/29 Sunday Mass

Chardonnay, Confessions and Cooking.  What did the Fathers have to say about all these, Holy Week and more?  Tune in to their first Q&A.


The Transformation Zone with the Fathers

The purpose of Lent is to bring about spiritual change and transformation. The lockdown has provided new opportunities on our journey to the heights. Like you, we have also been spending much more time with each other due to the lockdown. This has caused some weird things to happen at OLM. Enter the Transformation Zone here, if you dare.


Recording of the Mass


We will post recordings of the most recent Mass as soon as its available.  Stay tuned.

5th Saturday of Lent 4/4/2020 The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

A Good Father Keeps His Promises.
Father Mark explains the situation the Israelites find themselves during Babylonian Exile. The prophet Ezekiel gives the people hope by proclaiming God’s outrageous promises.

Take a listen https://bit.ly/2xLKNNC

For further contemplation, here is an accompanying song by Cody Carnes “Run to the Father” https://youtu.be/HcpeLDp0Foo

5th Friday of Lent 4/3/2020 The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass


5th Thursday of Lent 4/2/2020 The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

Never tasting death. If Jesus is God then everything He said is true. Father Mark encourages us to spend time today with the claim Jesus makes in the Gospel today, “Whoever keeps my word will never taste death.”

5th Wednesday of Lent 4/1/2020 The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

Who you calling “Not Free?!?”  Father Mark reflects on the 8th chapter of the Gospel of John. The Jews take issue with being told they aren’t free. This is our common reaction to Jesus as well. It is only in remaining in Jesus where we find freedom.

5th Tuesday of Lent 3/31/2020 The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

Healing Gaze at the Cross. As we approach Holy Week, Father Mark exhorts us to gaze at the crucifix for healing. To help with our prayer today, he reads a meditation from Bishop Fulton Sheen.

5th Monday of Lent 3/30/2020 The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

Don’t Sugar Coat Things. The valley of the shadow of death is a real place; and it can come at us quickly. Using the readings from the day, Father Mark shows why the cross enables us to forge ahead while in the valley.

5th Sunday of Lent 3/29/2020 The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

What have we allowed to die in us? Martha in her grief, says to Jesus, “Lord, if you had been here.” Jesus, grief stricken as well, then brings his best friend, Lazarus back to life. Father Don’s powerful homily has us face the very same question we may have of Jesus during this time, “Lord, where are you?” He also has us asking ourselves what we should bring before the Lord; what has died in you and me that we need to ask Jesus to bring back to life? To resurrect in us.

4th Saturday of Lent 3/28/2020 The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

When Darkness Chases You. Satan and Evil are real. There are times in our lives where we especially feel attacked by the Devil. Father Mark proposes three things we can do during those times.

4th Friday of Lent 3/27/2020 The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

Do what is right. Father Mark reflects on the readings today, how it emphasizes that “many are the troubles of the just man.” Nonetheless, we have the moral obligation to always do what is right, even when it’s not well received.

4th Thursday of Lent 3/26/2020 The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

Golden Calf—How in the world?  While Moses is absent 40 days on the top of Mt. Sinai, the people grow restless and they begin to worship a golden calf. When God seems distant it is easy for us to grasp for other things to replace Him. We tend to lose moral judgment due to the social mob.

4th Wednesday of Lent 3/25/2020 The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

Annunciation-The Crazy Impact. As we celebrate the Annunciation of the Lord, Father Mark contrasts the impact of two women; one in the Eden and the other in Nazareth. Our daily ‘yes’ to God also bears great impact on the world.

4th Tuesday of Lent 3/24/2020 The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

The Weight of Self-Pity. Father Mark recounts Jesus’ conversation with the man who has been ill for 38 years. The man’s problem is that he bemoans in his self-pity. Father Mark gives us three tips to be freed from the weight of self-pity.

4th Monday of Lent 3/23/2020 The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

Practice Breeds Confidence. Father Mark teaches how important confidence is in the spiritual life. This is a problem for us because our tendency is to place our confidence in ourselves rather than God. Todays Gospel shows the royal officials great confidence in Christ. How can we practice our confidence in God this Lent so as to breed confidence in Him.

4th Sunday of Lent 3/22/2020 The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

Spiritual Blindness.  Today’s Gospel shows us how sometimes because of our spiritual blindness we don’t pay attention to the important things in life. At the moment, many of us are restricted from leaving the house and therefore in a way are forced to look at our life in a new light. Jesus can use this mess we’re in and make a message out of it.

3rd Saturday of Lent 3/21/2020 The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

God’s warm and gentle invitation.

3rd Sunday of Lent 3/15/2020 The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass


Listen here for the homily.

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3rd Sunday of Lent 2020-3-15 Father Mark – Sunlight into the well?

It is high noon when Jesus encounters the woman at the well, allowing Him to go to the depths of her heart. In the wake of the news on the Coronavirus, Father Mark suggests three things God might be illuminating in our hearts during these difficult and uncertain times.

1st Sunday of Lent 2020-3-1 Father Mark – What is your white noise?

Father Mark introduces the parish’s Lenten theme of “Journey To The Heights.” Lent is to be a journey of transformation to new spiritual heights. He describes two reasons why many people won’t embark on this journey to the heights. If one chooses to go on this journey the first stop is the desert. In the desert we are to identify what our white noise masks so as to grow in intimacy with Christ.

2020-2-23 Bishop Pates and Bishop Conlon – Be Kind and Merciful

Every gift to the Catholic Ministries Annual Appeal (CMAA), large and small, helps us to be kind and merciful because our annual appeal supports 30 vital ministries and 585,080 Catholics in our diocese.

Your gift to the CMAA also touches our parish for it has funded the education of our transitional deacon Senovio and the rest of the 37 seminarians studying to become priests. We will rejoice with Deacon Senovio when he is ordained a priest this coming May!

As well, we will receive a 70% rebate of the funds collected over our goal of $146,700.  Please consider making a gift to the 2020 CMAA and help us surpass our goal again.  Thank you.

2020-1-26 Father Mark – Be Salt. Be Light. Be a Game Changer.

The world is in desperate need of Game Changers to give flavor to a world that has lost flavor, to cast light into a world that has become really dark.
And so Father Mark exhorts us to be salt, be light, be a Game Changer by doing the corporal works of mercy to have an impact in the world.
Food pantry/homeless shelter https://bit.ly/2tPhDeZ
St. Vincent De Paul https://bit.ly/2OIdjW0

2020-1-26 Father Mark – The Bible is Truth, Power, and Life!

Father Mark describes how the Bible gives us truth, power, and life.  The Truth, Power and Life that moved the Apostles to drop their nets is the same Truth, Power, and Life that is at our fingertips in the scriptures. Read the Bible and receive Truth, Power, and Life!

Bible Resources

2020-1-12 Father Mark Feast of the Baptism of the Lord – Crush It! By Knowing Your WHY!

The doctrine of divinization means we should be crushing it more than anyone else! Father Mark explains that our baptism gives us our WHY on HOW we are to live. The aim is for us all to become saints!


2020-1-6 Father Don Feast of the Epiphany – A Blessing and A Call to Journey!

Father Don sheds light on two things for us on the Feast of Epiphany.
1. Epiphany is a call to journey. Just like the star that lead the 3 Kings to a life-changing encounter with Jesus, ponder on being open to what that star could be in your life.
2. Take part in the annual blessing of your home which places God at the entrance of your home and your entire family under His protection. Using the initials of the names of the 3 Kings Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar, inscribe on the door posts as follows 20 + C + M + B + 20 which means Christus Mansionem Benedicat—May Christ bless this house.
We encourage you to post pictures of your door posts below if you wish.

2019-12-29 Father Mark Feast of the Holy Family – Identify the threat, and act!

On the feast of the Holy Family Father Mark mentions that nothing is more important for a strong family than a strong marriage. Marriage is under attack today and its important for couples not to wait to seek help in their marriage. Couples need to seek out marriage enrichment opportunities to strengthen their marriage and family.
Sign up for Marriage Tune Up

2019-12-25 Father Mark Christmas Day – No one schemes the way God does

Father Mark shows that on no day is God’s scheming more apparent than on Christmas.


2019-12-15 Father Mark 3rd Sunday of Advent – Confession & the Eucharist

Father Mark reflects on why it is so many Catholics don’t go to the sacrament of reconciliation. He shows the relationship between confession and the Eucharist. To help alleviate fear around going to confession he offers tips on how to make a good confession.

Confession Resources

2019-12-01 Father Mark 1st Sunday of Advent – You Snooze You Lose

Father Mark looks at how St. Paul might encourage us to prepare during this Advent season.

—It is time to wake up from our moral and spiritual slumber.

—It is time to clean up and notice what smells in our life. What keeps us from looking more like Jesus?

—It is time to dress up by “putting on the Lord Jesus Christ.” Father Mark suggests implementing 2 ancient Spiritual Disciplines in framing our day with spending 10 minutes in the morning reflecting on the daily Gospel reading and in the evening using the Examen Prayer.

Bishop Barron’s Daily Gospel Reflections

Examen Prayer

2019-11-17 Father Mark 33rd Sunday of Ordinary Time – God Is 100% Mercy & 100% Just at the same time

Father Mark expounds on God’s attribute of being 100% mercy and 100% just at the same time.

He gives us 3 pitfalls to avoid when pondering God’s judgement with perfect mercy and perfect justice.

1. Don’t think yourself the judge.
2. Don’t take sin too lightly.
3. Don’t live as though your judgement is far off.

2019-11-03 Father Mark 31st Sunday of Ordinary Time – God Is Relentlessly Pursuing You

Relentless | God’s Pursuit
For the conclusion of the “Relentless” preaching series Fr. Mark discusses how God relentlessly pursues us. Fr. Mark considers two reasons why most people often have a hard time believing this reality. How will you respond today to God’s relentless pursuit of you?

2019-10-27 Deacon Senovio 30th Sunday of Ordinary Time -Relentlessly Participating in God’s Power

Relentless | Deacon Senovio continues the 2nd of the Relentless three week preaching series with a deeper look at ways we participate in God’s power through our sanctity.

Deacon Senovio lays out the framework of St. Paul’s winning formula of prayer, fasting, and Scripture all in the Name of Jesus and whatever vocation we are in, to give ourselves completely in the Name of Jesus.

2019-10-20 Fr Mark 29th Sunday of Ordinary Time -Relentlessly engaging, relentlessly praying

Relentless | Father Mark starts out the 3 week preaching series exhorting us to examine why being relentless is an essential trait to have in the Christian life.

Father Mark suggests that Exodus 17 offers a two-part formula in facing and overcoming obstacles in life: we need to engage and persevere in prayer.

2019-09-29 Fr Mark 26th Sunday of Ordinary Time – Raising Our Eyes To See The Poor

Father Mark encourages us this week to “raise our eyes” and see the poor. Not caring for the poor in God’s eyes is a major offense; an offense against God Himself.

God’s eyes are always on the poor. Are yours? Do you see them?

A couple suggestions for us.
1. St. Vincent de Paul (SVDP). Participate in the next SVDP clothing drive. Volunteer at the SDVP Ministry.
2. Public Action to Deliver Shelter (PADS). Please consider grabbing a food tag from the PADS board.
3. Hesed House a homeless shelter. Please consider helping by serving a meal, they are in dire need of volunteers.

Don’t be like the rich man who did nothing to help, take action and contact the parish office at 630-851-3444 | parishoffice@olmercy.com

2019-09-15 Fr Mark 24th Sunday of Ordinary Time – Vision & Values

Father Mark’s Vision & Values Homily exhorts us to think of the following.

Proverbs 29 says that without a vision the people will perish. And in the parable of the Prodigal Son in this Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus left the parable open ended because He is asking us whether or not we are going to buy into God’s surprising vision of relentlessly seeking the lost, seeking those who are not of the fold.

And so it is also open ended for us as well, whether or not we will buy into God’s bold vision that He has given Our Lady of Mercy.

Will you buy into God’s bold vision for our parish; that is,
to offer every person a life-changing encounter with Jesus, grow disciples, and send them on mission.

2019-09-08 Fr Mark 23rd Sunday of Ordinary Time – How Soft Are You?

Father Mark proposes that Jesus is inviting us to check our softness barometer. How soft are you?

Luke 14:25-33 urges us to examine 3 things as we gauge our softness barometer:
— Don’t be soft by not putting Him first.
— Don’t be soft by not making a decision.
— Don’t be soft by not feeling the cost.

2019-08-25 Fr Mark 21st Sunday of Ordinary Time – I Got You

Father Mark encouraged all of us to stop and listen in order to hear cries for help; to look to see who is going under, to see who is drowning. Identify them and invite them to Alpha beginning the week of Sept 8th. Show them that Jesus is the way out of the riptide.

Maybe you find yourself bobbing above and below water right now; maybe you’ve begun to take on water. Jesus is the way out of the riptide. https://olmercy.com/alpha/

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