Salt and Light Grow Group

Create Community. Accompany Others. Grow as Disciples.

The community has always been the instrument that the Spirit uses to bring about the great renewals throughout the history of the Church. Today it is the community that should be the lampstand on which the great light, the Holy Spirit, is placed, so that it gives light to all in the house.

Cardinal Raniero Cantalamessa

Join the Salt and Light Grow Group as we embark on a journey into the heart of St. Thérèse of Lisieux’s Little Way with the “33 Days to Merciful Love Group Retreat.” We’ll uncover the power of trust; find the inspiration to become great saints in ordinary circumstances; and prepare for a personal consecration to Divine Mercy. This parish study which culminates on Divine Mercy Sunday 4/7th, includes workbooks, group discussion, and talks by renowned speaker and author Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC.

All participants will receive a free workbook, however, you must purchase the book “33 Days to Merciful Love” it is available on Amazon at this link.

Join us either Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm or Thursday afternoons at 1pm.  Saint Pope John Paul II emphasized that now is the time of mercy, now is a time of great and extraordinary grace, a time in which all of us can become great saints — if we tap into that grace. One of the ways we tap into that grace is by asking God to fill us with an ocean of His tenderness and mercy. And we do that by consecrating ourselves to His Mercy. Please consider joining us. All are welcome!



You weren’t meant to do life alone

Looking to grow faith and friendships after OCIA, Alpha, CRHP or Bible Studies? Or simply; are you looking to join a small group? Consider Salt and Light Grow Group. 

“Encounter/Grow/Witness” is the threefold dimension of the Christian life.  Once we encounter Jesus, we are then called to grow daily as His disciples. Grow Groups are one way Our Lady of Mercy is responding to our missionary identity where we are called to help parishioners grow continually in discipleship.

To follow Jesus is to commit to lifelong learning and growth. Like Jesus’ disciples, our walk with the Lord today is not one lived in isolation but rather one immersed in community and enriched by authentic friendship with others. In homes and in the company of friends, Grow Groups provide a place of deep transformation where people can be known, loved, and cared for as they strive to deepen their friendship with Jesus and one another.

For more information, connect with our Salt and Light Grow Group Leaders at Geri Capulong at, Bonnie Ramirez at or with our Evangelization and Discipleship Director or call 331-707-5381. 

After encountering the person of Jesus, it is crucial that we enter a stage of maturation. That is to say, a time where we endeavor to better know the One we encountered. The more we come to know about Jesus, the more we fall in love with Him.
The only safe place to do this is under the guidance of the Church community with other Christians seeking to know Him. We encourage you to take advantage of ways to grow in your relationship with Jesus and quench the thirst within us all not just through the discipleship courses we have (Bible Studies, Charism Workshop, Speaker Teaching events) but also through Grow Groups (A Mother’s Heart, Consuming Fire, this upcoming Salt & Light, and Vine and Branches Grow Groups).

First up, there’s

Welcoming Fellowship

Gather and Fellowship for brief check-in before evening starts.

Followed by

Prayer & Worship

Prayer and worship that builds on the communal experience one has had in Alpha or CRHP.


Formation with Discussion

The teachings are designed to engage and inspire conversation. They also foster the spiritual disciplines of a Christ follower.  They can be given as a live talk or played as a video. Members are given the chance to share thoughts and ideas on the topic, discussing in their group. Discussion is guided by prepared questions from the curriculum. The session wraps up with five minutes of closing prayer and intentions.

Closing with

A Time of Prayer

Use your departure as a time to thank God and as a group pray for one another’s intentions. Follow up with one another at the next meeting to give updates to prayers answered.

Interspersed with

Once a Quarter or Every Six Months

Social gathering; from a field trip to one of the shrines nearby such as The National Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help in New Franken, WI, a Marian Apparition Site in the U.S. or The National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows is a Catholic shrine to the Blessed Virgin Mary in Belleville, IL, or The Shrine of Christ’s Passion in St. John, IN, perhaps even go on a pilgrimage together to the Holy Land just to suggest a few.

And Monthly For

Movie nights, a group dinner out, picnic event, catch a concert, baseball game, volunteer together, or simply gather in a person’s backyard or the church by the outdoor Stations of the Cross, all dependent on what the group would like to do every month.  The possibilities are amazingly endless.

Grow Group Content

33 Days to Merciful Love 

Based on the book, 33 Days to Merciful Love, by Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC, this 33 Days to Merciful Love Group Retreat goes even deeper than the book alone and explores new material on the heart of St. Thérèse of Lisieux’s Little Way, uncovering the power of trust in the face of personal darkness, inspiring participants to become great saints amid ordinary circumstances, and laying the foundation for a personal consecration to Divine Mercy.

33 Days to Merciful Love Group Retreat is a six-week retreat and falls within Stage Three* of the Hearts Afire Program.

The Second Greatest Story Ever Told 

The power and drama of Fr. Michael Gaitley’s best-selling book The Second Greatest Story Ever Told are captured in an amazing visual presentation that will challenge and enthrall you.

In 10 fast-paced and lively sessions, Fr. Gaitley connects people and events in history to a unifying vision of the splendor of God’s merciful love. From the epic story of Poland’s national suffering, to the events of Fatima, the revelations of St. Faustina, the heroic efforts of St. Maximilian Kolbe, and the life of St. John Paul II, the panorama of Divine mercy is fully revealed as a transformative reality.

This 10-week series falls within Stage Three* of the Hearts Afire Program.

Consoling the Heart of Jesus 10-Week Group Retreat

This Consoling the Heart of Jesus Group Retreat continues where the 33 Days to Morning Glory Group Retreat left off: with the help of Mary, hearing the thirst of Jesus for our love and consoling Him with our love and trust. Continue your small group experience with this powerful retreat and its accompanying retreat book (Consoling the Heart of Jesus by Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC), Retreat Companion (workbook), DVD talks, and group discussion. Perfect for Lent or any time of year.

*This retreat is the second part of Stage One of the Hearts Afire: Parish-based Programs.

33 Days to Morning Glory

An extraordinary 33-day journey to Marian consecration with four giants of Marian spirituality: St. Louis de Montfort, St. Maximilian Kolbe, Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta, and Blessed Pope John Paul II. Fr. Gaitley masterfully summarizes their teaching, making it easy to grasp, and simple enough to put into practice. More specifically, he weaves their thoughts into a user-friendly, do-it-yourself retreat that will bless even the busiest of people. So, if you’ve been thinking about entrusting yourself to Mary for the first time or if you’re simply looking to deepen and renew your devotion to her, 33 Days to Morning Glory is the right book to read and the perfect retreat to make.

The Rescue Project

We are all shaped by a story. The choices we make, the way we live, the things we believe—the way we see life itself—are the result of the stories that we have accepted as truthful accounts of reality.

Our modern world presents the story that we are personally liberated, no longer connected to anything beyond ourselves, free to do whatever we like. And we have never been as unhappy.

The Rescue Project proposes a simple question: what if there’s a different story—a story that engages people to answer the deepest cries of the human heart?
The Rescue Project will take place in Lent 2024. We look forward to journeying with you!

Following Christ

A seven-week journey of Catholic discipleship designed to help people grow in friendship and union with God. This course guides people in how to live as a Catholic disciple of Jesus Christ in today’s world based on basic disciplines and truths that have been practiced by Christians from the time of the early Church.

Sharing Christ

A seven-week that trains Catholics to share Jesus Christ with others and invite them to be part of the Church.

Sharing Christ focuses on personal or friendship evangelization, sharing our relationship with Jesus in our daily encounters with people. The course helps to develop an attitude of the heart that moves us to be open to share the Good News we have experienced anytime and anywhere.


Presence: The Mystery of the Eucharist

Although the Eucharist appears to be simple bread and wine, it is actually the “source and summit” of the Christian life. Presence: The Mystery of the Eucharist explores the truth and beauty of Christ’s real presence in the Eucharist, from its origins in Sacred Scripture to its profound role in the life of the Church and its members. The Eucharist is the crescendo of the entire story of salvation.

Every Sunday, we get to witness a miracle. Sometimes it can be difficult to wrap our minds and hearts around this fact.  Dive deeper into this 4 week study from the Augustine Institute, see why this mystery is Jesus’ greatest gift to us.

The Wild Goose

One of the most important relationships on this side of life, one can have is that with the Holy Spirit.  It is so important, that Jesus says to us in John 16:7 “But I tell you the truth, it is better for you that I go. For if I do not go, the Advocate will not come to you.  But if I go, I will send Him to you.” John 16:7

The Wild Goose is a work of the Holy Spirit, which is awakening in the hearts of all those participating God’s love and transforming power. This is a love that has been revealed to us by Jesus Christ and that leads us to our heavenly Father. As you walk through this series, pray for the Spirit to breathe life into your heart.


As a teacher on deliverance, Neal Lozano knows that many believers struggle with the same sin areas time after time. Yet victory can be as simple as tapping into the potent power of the gospel. By focusing on Jesus and his work, rather than on the intimidating aspects of evil spirits, readers can reset their mindset about their spiritual struggles.

In Unbound, Lozano shows us how to do just this. He also shows us how to find and close any doors we may have opened to evil influence–and, consequently, Satan’s underhanded strategies. Balanced and full of hope, Unbound is a practical, thorough, and easy-to-follow guide to deliverance and freedom.

Finding Out Your Charism 

Who among us would receive a gift and put it aside without opening it?

St. Paul tells us we have all received a spiritual gift, a way that the Holy Spirit works through us in our daily lives and yet, most of us have never opened our gift to see what it is.

Taking time to uncover the spiritual gifts God has given you is essential in our growth in becoming a true missionary disciple of Jesus Christ where we can “GO” and make disciples of all nations.  As a group, this book will show each of us how the Holy Spirit has empowered you to use your Spiritual Gifts as you go out “ON MISSION”

Your group will journey through Scripture, the Catechism, and the writings of Pope Francis to learn how the Holy Spirit pours out special gifts called charisms that help us grow spiritually and help us support those we love to grow spiritually.

  1. You will be blessed
    To learn how Jesus Himself used all of the gifts of the Holy Spirit throughout His public and private life.

  2. You will be enlightened
    When you take the Spiritual Gifts Inventory, score It, and discover your Spiritual Gifts and when you learn about and recognize your own gifts as well as those of others.

  3. You will be energized
    When you discover the impact you will have in proclaiming the Kingdom of God to your family members, your friends and neighbors, your co-workers and your fellow parishioners using your charisms.

Once you know your spiritual gifts, you will know what you are called to do with them as a missionary disciple to bring Jesus Christ into “your world” and bring “your world” to Christ!

It is true that being a Christian means saying “yes” to Jesus Christ, but let us remember that this “yes” has two levels; it consists in surrendering to the Word of God and relying on it, but it also means, at a later stage, endeavoring to know better-and-better the profound meaning of this Word.

Pope Saint John Paul II