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Welcome to the Virtual Narthex Grow Groups Leader’s Page

While our circumstances have changed, the mission Jesus has mandated for us hasn’t; to offer every person a life-changing encounter with Jesus, grow disciples and send them on mission.  Thank you for going on mission-mode with us!

We will post all you will need for your grow group.  Come Holy Spirit to each of you!  Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns zara@olmercy.com

Leader’s Meeting Recording & Slides

Recorded meeting link, click here
Password: 6D+=sI9e

Powerpoint slide, click here
Sunday Agenda is posted below as well

Zoom Link

After the 9am Mass, Father will invite everyone to join him in the Virtual Narthex Grow Groups via Zoom.

Zoom Link for Virtual Narthex

Click on this link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84425418025?pwd=VmNqRmN4Q2xpNkdlWnNPR2dqVkFOQT09
Meeting ID: 844 2541 8025
Password: 122500

Sunday Agenda

ALPHA HOST & HELPER MINDSET | hospitality mindset borne out of love | not answering the question | silence is okay

  1. Gathering Prayer & Introductions of those in group (use the name game as this gives you a bit of an insight to the person the Holy Spirit has sent your way).
  2. What struck you in the readings for the Mass
  3. Was there something in Father’s Homily that resonated with you?
  4. Father will send 2 questions with the homily which we will send to you before Sunday.   Here are Father’s questions
    1) What do you see that is ugly in our culture today and how do you see beauty playing a role in evangelization?
    2) How are ways the Holy Spirit helps us live beautifully?
  5. Is there anything we can pray for you this coming week?

If you have participants with children, please the questions for the children below. (Thank you Lisa Baier!)

Several Things to Keep in Mind


In the beginning


  • Your energy as the host is essential! Greet each participant.
  • Set a few meeting guidelines you want each participant to pay heed of
    \_Communicate that everyone will be muted in the beginning, to make the most effective use of time.
    \_Encourage them to unmute to speak and/or use the chat/raise hand feature
  • SIMPLE gathering prayer and introductions of those in group (icebreakers because it breaks the awkwardness)
  • Remind everyone to please mute themselves when not speaking
  • Set the welcoming tone; people can stay as long as they wish.

In the end


  • Obtain your participants’ email address or send to zara@olmercy.com please make sure to emphasize that they need to include your name (Group Leader’s name)
  • End on time lovingly! “This is an awesome conversation and we’d love to keep it going, but we have to be respectful of people’s schedules. So as promised we will always aim to end in 40-45 minutes.”
  • Gauge your group and your own time. For the 2nd meeting onwards, if your group want to continue the discussion, please go ahead but no longer than an hour.
  • Thank everyone for their time and hope to see them the following week
  • End with simple prayer

Leaders & if you have a co-lead, they can do this part


  • Take notes on group participation
  • Use the chat feature to encourage those who shared (that’s a cool point, thanks for sharing)
  • Write down any prayer requests
  • Think of yourselves as “air traffic controller” for discussion/keep the ball rolling

More Links


Virtual Narthex Grow Group Sign Up

Virtual Narthex Guest/Participant Page (where it gives them info on what and who the group is for, the zoom link etc)

  1. What color was the priest wearing today?
  2. Who are you most thankful for today? Why?
  3. How many different people did you see on the altar? Who were they?
  4. What is one word or thing you can remember from what the priest said today?
  5. Do you remember any of the songs sung at mass today?
  6. How will you honor God this week?
  7. Were there any special or different decorations, statutes, or pictures on the altar?
  8. Did the priest talk about any apostles today? If so, who? Or Saints?
  9. What will you do special this week using the gifts God gave?  Example: play basketball, paint a picture, help your sibling with homework, fold the laundry, etc.
  10. How will you prepare for mass next week?
  11. Can you draw a picture or write a prayer this week reflecting today’s gospel and homily.

Additional Resources for Children/Families

MagnifiKid (for children) 5-24-2020

At Home Mass Guide 5-24-2020
At Home Mass Guide 5-24-2020 Spanish


Pile up 15 toys, books, blankets, and chairs in the center of the room. Have everyone study it, seeing where everything is and trying to remember it. Pick one person to be the guesser, have them close their eyes. Then pick someone else to pull something from the mound and put it quietly as possible behind them. When you say “Ready!” the guesser will open her eyes. They will look around the pile and try to guess what is missing- they get one guess. Play as many times as you like, but use a different guesser each round.


Today we celebrate Jesus’ Ascension into Heaven. Ascension means that Jesus went (ascended)  to Heaven. Jesus lives in heaven now, but He is always with us each and every day. Just because you can’t always see where He is or feel Him move – that doesn’t mean He isn’t among us. He is with us now and told us to go out and bring other people to know Him. That is our biggest mission- to help others know how much Jesus loves them!


  1. What do you think it would have felt like to be one of the disciples as you stood and watched Him disappear out of your sight?

  2. What does it take for us to follow Jesus, to be real disciples?

  3. Jesus gave the disciples clear instructions on what to do after He ascended into Heaven (go make disciples) and they are our instructions too. How can you share about Jesus with someone this week?