Beginning Feb. 26th until the end of EDGE, April 19th, EDGE will begin to take items that are donated from our teens & their families to make Mercy Fest Baskets for next year. Our teens will bring home a sheet explaining what type of basket they have chosen & what type of items could be donated. Then the last week of EDGE, during our “Sports Party” volunteers will make up baskets for the next Mercy Fest. Candy will provide a pizza party to the one class of EDGE teens that bring in the most items-one from Monday’s EDGE & one from Thursday’s EDGE! They can enjoy this during the “Sports Party.”

Rescheduled – Parenting Faith in a Social Media World

We are inviting all Parents, RE Catechists, EDGE Leaders & L.I.G.H.T. Leaders to join us for a special presentation, “Parenting Faith in a Social Media World.” Our presenter will be Bill Johnson, Campus Minister & Outreach Coordinator for Marmion Academy. As the primary teachers of our faith to our children, we know how difficult it is to reach them sometimes with all of the media distractions. And it is also tough with all of the hectic schedules parents follow every day. Our world tells our children one thing, but it isn’t what Christ wants for them. Nor is it what we want for them. So come & listen to Bill. Our teens love him!

Please join us on Monday, April 9th at 7-8PM in the Church. Bill is also a Deacon at St. Patrick’s Church in St. Charles and has done many presentations here for our teens, Jr. High & High School, as well as leading the 5th grade retreat in April.