October 7, 2018 – Twenty-Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

Now Known as Chardonnay W(h)ines!

How many of you after going through that difficult decision to euthanize a pet say “I’ll never get another one!” And then a month or so later end up getting another one!  I fall into that category of the heart ruling over the head!! After Heidi was euthanized on August 23rd I told myself that I wouldn’t get another dog – at least until I figure out where I would be living and what I would be doing in retirement in 2022.  But a few weeks after Heidi was gone, I found myself visiting the website of the shelter where I got her, as well as other dog rescue and shelter websites.  And apparently some of the staff at OLM, in particular Diane Reiter, felt I just wasn’t the same after Heidi was gone and I needed to get another dog.  Diane and her husband Tim offered that if I get a dog now and can’t have it wherever I end up living in retirement, they would take the dog.  So, as they say, that sealed the deal!  Besides, Fr. Mark wasn’t taking very well to pats on the head and scratches behind the ears!  And for all his emphasis on exercise, he didn’t really like chasing tennis balls.  So, meet Chardonnay. She is a 2 year old beagle-mix and weights 27 pounds.  I adopted her on September 22nd from Magnificent Mutts rescue in Hillside, IL.  She has been with a foster family here since being rescued in Arkansas.  She was found with three female puppies (all have been adopted) and her rescue team gave her the name was Sophia.  And the three pups were named Blanche, Dorothy, and Rose.  Those of you old enough will remember those names of the “Golden Girls,” a sitcom that aired on NBC from 1985 – 1992.  Very cute! Sophia is also a nice biblical name meaning wise.  And it certainly is appropriate for a priest’s dog to have a biblical name.  Another priest I know had a Weimaraner named Abraham. But I decided to change Sophia’s name to Chardonnay. Besides my affinity for wine, there is another connection…….  Heidi was so attached to me and had separation anxiety. Every time I would leave without her, she would start whining.  I would tell her to stop it!  And joking tell her that I was going to change her name to Chardonnay because she whines so much!  (Get it?)  So whatever personality my new dog will have, the name Chardonnay will always remind me of Heidi.  And yes, my weekly bulletin article “From the Pastor’s Desk”, instead of also being known as “Heidi Howls” will now be known as “Chardonnay W(h)ines”!  Pretty clever on my part! Huh? I cracked myself up over it!!

Well, we are in the full swing of MercyFest!  Thank you to all have supported MercyFest is some way with your presence and/or donations.  Thanks to all the volunteers that enable us to put on such a large community event.  Without you, MercyFest wouldn’t happen!  And thank you to Tony & Jennifer Leazzo chairs, and Tom Martin, vice-chair.  Space in my article doesn’t allow me to acknowledge all those who have taken on leadership roles, but know of my deep appreciation.  When we have the final results of MercyFest, we will print a flier in the bulletin listing the names of all who chaired the various aspects of MercyFest 2018.  May God bless you all for your dedication, time and efforts on behalf of Our Lady of Mercy parish!

Have a Blessed Week!

Father Don