Spiritual Nourishment & The Difference Jesus Makes

By waiting and by calm you shall be saved, in quiet and in trust your strength lies.

Isaiah 30:15


Take Action to Stop Watching Porn

As the pandemic hit and lockdowns went into effect, porn usage skyrocketed. This should not surprise us as Satan is at work in the lockdown; he wants you to watch porn. Father Mark encourages those struggling with pornography and introduces a new ministry at OLM.
Below are links to the items Father Mark refers to
The email address is now live restore.olm@gmail.com
Chastity link https://bit.ly/2LdF0Ux
The Testimony Father Mark read on the video https://bit.ly/2LdUuYP

Overcoming Spiritual Discouragement

As the lockdown continues many are struggling with discouragement and sadness: missing graduations, losing jobs, and not knowing when things will get back to ‘normal’.
Psychological discouragement is a normal human reaction. It is important for us to take steps to overcome psychological discouragement, such as, getting enough sleep, eating well, and exercising.
In this video, Father Mark explains that psychological discouragement can easily lead to spiritual discouragement. Father Mark gives three tips in overcoming spiritual discouragement.


Dealing with Fear

In these uncertain times Father Mark makes an important distinction with fear and gives three tips in dealing with fear.
“The Lord leads out the prisoners with singing.” Psalm 68:6.

God in the Separation

We are separated from each other in a way that is utterly unfamiliar. Watch Father Mark’s message on how God is at work in the separation of the lockdown.


Though we miss you and we can’t be with you, we will always be here for you.
To accompany you during this time, please see the following links as we Journey to the Heights together during these tumultuous times.

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For some, God may seem far removed from the struggles and the realities of daily life. But the reality is that He is actually there with us and that a lived relationship with Him, makes all the difference in the world especially during times like these.
Every day you will hear from someone answering Father Mark’s challenge of giving witness to the difference that Jesus has made in their life.

If you’d like to share the difference of having a relationship with Jesus has made in your life, please reach out to zara@olmercy.com, would love to share your story.

Meet Alex Baier

“Seeing what it is that Jesus means in individual people helped to shaped where I’m at now.” Alex is a young husband and father who reflects on his journey with Jesus through his community. Listen to how Alex’s relationship with Jesus has helped him find peace and calmness in his life.

Meet Lucero Manzanares

“I had this void in my life that I tried to fill with things that weren’t Jesus. You can’t fill a Jesus hole without Jesus.” Lucero is a young woman who decided that she needed to “let go completely” to begin her own personal relationship with Jesus. Listen to Lucero reveal the moments of her journey that has allowed her to express her true feelings and fully accept Jesus in her life.

Meet Carlos Briceno

“In surrendering, I have discovered more peace, more joy, more energy and more love.” From a struggling family, Carlos explains his faith journey in three phases which are brokenness, awakening and surrender. Listen to Carlos talk about how he grew his relationship through Jesus, ultimately discovering the Sacrament of the Present Moment.

Meet Lydia Schmitt

“If by following his will and saying yes to him, I can sanctify my family then it is so worth it to me.” Lydia is a mother of four children, who discovered Jesus through the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Listen to Lydia who discuss how she continues to open her heart to Jesus through healing and renewal, while growing as a better mother and wife to her family.

Meet Dusty Akers

With a great job, beautiful home and family, Dusty appeared to have it all. In his heart, he knew something was missing. Listen to Dusty discuss how a remarkable experience at a retreat weekend led him to Jesus and transformed his life. He is now proud to tell his son that “Daddy’s job in life is to get him and his Mother into heaven.”

Meet Naomi Kibler

Childhood challenges can shape how a person forms their young identity. Naomi has a beautiful story of overcoming those feelings of isolation. She began her deeper relationship with Jesus later in college with the arrival of her sister. Listen to her journey to understanding Jesus’ love for her and the moment she truly knew she was his “beloved child”.

Meet Ernesto Pacheco

Ernesto Pacheco is married and a father of 3 who was seeking a
relationship with Jesus. Through an invitation from a friend, he encountered Jesus on a renewal weekend. Everything changed for him after that. After CRHP, Alpha, Fit Shepherds, and now as a Co-Host of the Mercy Boys Podcast, he loves to live the charter: “I love God–He told us all to spread the word. We want to do that not only because he gave us the great commission, but when you love something like I love God, you want to share it.”

Meet Wendy Jo Burnett

“It was there in the quiet that I was able to reconnect with Jesus in prayer.” After being raised in a close knit faith community, Wendy started upon her life and left it behind. After hearing something at Mass, Wendy’s path was permanently altered. Listen to Wendy reveal the phrase that led to her reconnecting with Jesus and to joining a new faith community.

Meet Kevin Dizon

“Life is Great!” Kevin has always known about Jesus through his upbringing. At the age of 12, he truly felt the Holy Spirit within him for the first time at a retreat. Watch Kevin’s testimony about living every day and meeting life’s challenges with his understanding that “only through Jesus can I overcome these things.”

Meet Claudia Molina

Claudia realized that there had to be more to her faith. “I discovered that like any other relationship it takes time and energy. One with Christ was not going to be any different.” Listen to Claudia describe the changes in her life when she learned of missionary discipleship and how her path led to the understanding that “it is a lifestyle. It is who I am, and it defines me as a woman of God.”

Meet Ricardo Vargas

“I wasn’t even looking and all the answers got put right in front of me.” Ricardo was a young man who scorned the church until a unique housing situation caused him to question his stance. Listen to Ricardo’s journey from being a critic to now being a man looking to bring an understanding of Christ to others.

Meet Cindy Hapke

“He is our redeemer and healer. He has healed my deepest woundedness and continues to heal me.” Cindy early in life experienced feelings of rejection and abandonment which led to her not feeling acceptable or loved. Listen to Cindy’s healing journey with Jesus which began with the removal of those feelings and continued on to an incredible reconciliation.

Meet Brian and Jennifer Carter

“All of the broken pieces of my life have been transformed into what I see now is the path that led me to him.” Listen to Jennifer discuss how a period of her life brought her to ask her husband if as a couple they could go to church and what a difference it has made. Listen to Brian discuss coming along and finding that there are multiple ways in which someone can “open the door.”

Meet Kim Harris

“Our Lord had a response and a plan. He wanted me.” A large set back in her personal life led Kim astray. A close friend spoke some words to her which was the basis of her reengagement with her faith. Listen to Kim discuss that special advice and the events that led her through Jesus to be able to confidently say, “I was chosen.”

Meet Joe Wiacek

“I had a strong faith but what was lacking in my faith was a way to ignite it.” Sometimes our relationship with Christ can feel habitual. Joe challenged himself and found two activities that have made an enormous difference. Listen to Joe share his story of how his engagement in these activities have deepened his faith into a truly personal relationship with Christ.

Meet Miroslava Manzanares

“I realized just how powerful prayer was.” Listen to Miroslava share the lesson she learned when facing a powerful obstacle and how it helped her to overcome it. Her witness is a powerful testimony of the impact of prayer and being a part of a strong faith community can have in our lives.

Meet Sarah McIlvaine

“He was there for me at a time when I needed him most to lift me up and bring a new life into me.” Sara believed something was holding her back. Listen to Sara as she shares her story of personal transformation which culminated in her “letting go” and experiencing a special embrace.

Meet Drew Albrecht

“I didn’t really feel like I knew God until I discovered adoration.”  Drew talks about how the relationships throughout his life kept pointing him to a deeper relationship with Christ. Listen to Drew describe how much joy he has in his heart for Jesus and for others.

Meet Ayla and Konnor

“It wasn’t until we sought a relationship with HIM that we were able to find the other person.” Ayla & Konnor are a young couple that wanted to start their relationship out on the right footing. Listen to them describe how their foundation with Jesus has strengthened their bond and the happiness that it has brought them.

Meet Brian Kibler

“I saw HIM in the face of the men serving with me.” Family strength brings great unity with God. Listen to Brian describe how his family encouraged him to briefly leave them behind and the profound effect that it has had on his life.

Thou art a hiding place for me, thou preservest me from trouble; dost encompass me with deliverance.

Psalm 30:7