Hesed House/Public Action to Deliver Shelter

The land will never lack for needy persons; that is why I command you: “Open your hand freely to your poor and to your needy kind in your land.”

Deuteronomy 15:11

Public Action to Deliver Shelter, also known as PADS, is a ministry to the homeless and very poor. We work in conjunction with Hesed House in Aurora to provide the food, supplies and volunteers to serve a meal and provide hospitality.

Hesed House/PADS is a homeless shelter in Aurora that provides individuals and families with shelter, food and unconditional hospitality.   Check out the link to help with our 1st Tuesday of the month  meal:


This informational video provides an overview of the important work Hesed House does to help end homelessness and its reliance on volunteers to meet their goals.

On the first Tuesday of each month Our Lady Of Mercy Church partners with Hesed House by providing food, supplies and volunteers to prepare & serve a meal to about 100-150 ‘guests’. 

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Jean Rehmer
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