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Do you find yourself struggling in overcoming your battle with pornography?

Restore is a weekly (anonymous) meeting where men lean on each other for support and accountability and share ideas about strengthening our resolve to stay on God’s path of chastity.  All men are welcome, whether you have been free of pornography addiction for many years or struggle with it every single day.

Though the meetings are weekly, at the last weekly meeting of the month, you will be guided by a licensed Catholic therapist

If you are ready to start breaking free from the grips of pornography and want to Restore your life email us at to find out more information on when and where we meet or call 331-684-7415.

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What is RESTORE? It is a safe confidential place to find healing and hope for men who have been wounded by pornography.

Why RESTORE? Pornography is hurting many people, including marriages and families, singles, priests and religious, and even children. It hurts the healthy process of vocational discernment for our young people. Pornography use impacts the relationships of children with their parents, husbands with their wives (and vice versa), the pastor with his community, and most importantly, our relationship with our Lord.

How can RESTORE help marriages and fathers?  Many couples put on a “happy face” when they sit in the pews each week at Mass, but inside, there is often a mess that has been getting worse year after year because of how porn has harmed them in the past or is presently causing destruction. Sometimes it hits a breaking point.

Statistically speaking, people mention pornography as one of the main causes of divorce in 56% of the cases. There are consequences to pornography use. And because of this, there is a great need to continually provide resources to combat the evil of pornography.

The damage that pornography is doing to families all over the world is saddening, but we know that with the grace of God, freedom from this scourge can be (and has been) found.

For these reasons as well, RESTORE exists.

Covenant Eyes

Accountability and filtering software



Take the Covenant eyes 40 day challenge


Overcoming the addiction

Listen as Matt Fradd breaks down overcoming pornography addiction

Overcoming the addiction

Quit porn and live a better life; STRIVE with Matt Fradd

Overcoming the addiction

Read Hobbies & Habits, an ebook on fighting porn with purpose

Overcoming the addiction

Fight the New Drug


For Parents

How Covenant Eyes works for your children by using their guide Confident: Helping Catholic Parents Navigate Online Exposure

The guide below is a step-by-step conversation guide that includes:

  • Information about the prevalence of pornography use today
  • A four-step process for discussing pornography with a child or teen
  • Scripts for conversing with a child about pornography in the light of biblical sexuality
  • Answers to frequently asked questions
  • Information about porn use vs. porn addiction
  • A plan for protecting your home and devices


How to talk to your children about sex

Bark helps families manage and protect their children’s online lives

Read Equipped an ebook about Smart Catholic Parenting in a Sexualized Culture

Other Resources





Brain Heart World


Create in Me a Clean Heart from the USCCB

We here at Restore are so deeply appreciative of the pastoral letter the United States Catholic Bishops (USCCB) released, Create in Me a Clean Heart: A Pastoral Response to Pornography.

The letter is unambiguous about the damage—both spiritual and otherwise—that pornography is wreaking upon our country. At the same time, it is profoundly merciful to those of us who have found ourselves caught in its snare. The bishops go beyond pointing out the destruction caused by pornography—our shepherds offer us practical advice for combatting it.

List of Anonymous Support Groups in the Chicagoland Area