Reservation for Mass at the Parking Lot

The Mass is the great encounter with Jesus Christ.

Bishop Barron

Parking Lot Mass Reservation

We received approval to hold a parking lot Mass, praise God!  Prior to filling out the sign-up form, we ask that you please carefully read the following guidelines below and also to please keep these in mind when you drive in for the Parking Lot Mass.

We have reached out to those who were on the Wait List this past weekend to give them the first opportunity to make their reservations and have given them until 3pm 6/10th to register for the Masses this weekend.  With that said, the following links will be live 6/10th @ 3pm

Do you have the myParish App?  We encourage you to download it because we now have a “Mass Sign Up” button on the App for your convenience.  (To download the app, text “App” to 88202).

Sunday 6/14th @11am Parking Lot *

*While in your vehicle in the parking lot. Please note, that the Solemnity of Corpus Christi will be celebrated with a Eucharistic Procession in the parking lot immediately following the 11am Mass, please see the note below regarding this.

  • The reservation for the Parking Lot Mass is for 1 car.  Meaning it is not by the number of people in a family, but by the car you will drive in with.  Please feel free to have as many people as your car can allow.
  • The dispensation from the Sunday obligation to attend Mass remains in place indefinitely. As well, 9am Sunday Mass and 8am Daily Mass will continue to be live-streamed.
  • Please also note that attending Mass in the Parking Lot is voluntary and the parish/diocese assumes no liability related to COVID-19.  It is why the first item below is emphasized.
  • Prior to attending the Parking Lot Mass, please take a moment to go through a health protocol self-checklist. If you experience any of the symptoms, out of charity towards your brother and sister in Christ, we ask that you stay home.
  • We ask that you remain in your car with the exception of exiting your car briefly to receive Communion.  Of course, keep social distancing from other families while receiving Communion.
  • Please plan on arriving no earlier than 10:30 am.
  • Please enter only from the Circle Drive Entrance.
  • Upon entry from the Circle Drive Entrance (all other entries will be blocked), please follow the traffic attendant’s directions.
  • Prior to arriving, please make sure you have your radio set to the OLM Radio Station!  FM 88.3
  • Communion will be distributed.  During Communion, to protect the Eucharistic Ministers and yourselves, please step out of your vehicle with your mask on.  You can remove or lower your mask, after receiving Jesus or once you are in your vehicle.
  • All exits will open up after Mass has ended, please follow the traffic attendant’s directions when you exit the Parking Lot.
  • You won’t be able to linger once the Mass has ended.
  • With regard to our weekly collection, we encourage you to continue to give online or text for the safety of our ministers and money counters. This can be done by visiting our Give page creating an account or by texting your offering amount to (630)647-8105, follow the rest of the instructions.  For those who cannot do so, there will be a “fun” collection bin, where you may drop off your offertory.  Let’s just say if you have loose change in your car, you can “shoot” it in the bin!  Get the children ready with any loose change as you drive by the fun collection bin.
  • The Solemnity of Corpus Christi will be celebrated with a Eucharistic Procession in the parking lot immediately following the Mass.  You may remain inside your vehicle or right in front of your car during the procession. 
Thank you so much for working with us on keeping each other safe.  We look forward to this unique experience with you as we come together again worshipping our Lord Jesus!  Come Holy Spirit!
In Jesus through Mary,
Father Don and Father Mark

Trinity Sunday Mass in the Parking Lot | 6.7.2020