The Marriage Course Resource

Welcome to the Marriage Course Resource page!

This is where we will post items referred to throughout the course for your assistance.

The Course will be done via Zoom



Zoom is a reliable platform for video and audio conferencing that can be accessed from a computer (need camera and audio) or mobile phone.

The ideal platform to use is a computer that has a camera and audio.  If you aren’t sure if you have these requirements please contact prior to Friday.

Here are Zoom Date Night Instructions


  1. We encourage you both to be on the same screen if possible and if you can ID yourselves (eg. John and Jane).  Be comfortably seated close together.
  2. Click on this link for the Zoom meeting, the PASSCODE IS 887100. This will be the same link used for the entirety of the course.  You can also just plug in this ID when you are in the Zoom space .
  3. Click join with computer video and audio.
  4. Please look for the “Mute” and “Stop Video” controls on the bottom left-hand side of the zoom meeting screen.  Please familiarize yourself with these features because we will be prompting you to use them especially during the time when the conversation needs to be with you and your spouse.
  5. We will initially have everyone muted when you join the meeting.  You may unmute yourself when taking turns to speak in the beginning. If there is a lot of background noise, it would be helpful if you mute yourself if you are not talking.
  6. Chat feature – you can chat with the group by clicking on the chat button – a side screen will pop up where you can chat.

Setting the Stage & Required Study Journal

We invite you to set an area for your date night, where you’ll have private, uninterrupted time.  We encourage you to do something special with your space, from lighting a candle or having a meal or snacks on hand while you’re watching the series.

We will be running the course free of charge. You will need two-course journals.  While this is available as a .pdf file, we do encourage you to purchase the physical copies.  This will be the only cost you will incur is purchasing two, course journals – you will need one each – and these can be bought from The Alpha ShopIf you don’t have your Study Journals yet, here is an electronic link to a .pdf version We advise printing it or obtaining a physical copy of the journal.

Following the course, we hope the journal will serve as a helpful reminder of what you’ve discovered about each other and the journey you’re on as a couple, and help you to put into practice what you’ve learned.

It’s not too late to invite

Invite others, have them sign up here so they can get added to the distribution list for the weekly email.  The weekly email has a recap, links and action items for the next session.

Additional Assistance

If you get stuck at any point on the course, please let us know. We would be very happy to speak with you privately. We also want to share Doug Hinderer’s details, he is a licensed marriage counselor.  He ran our marriage tune-up date nights last year.  You may reach him at

Session 1 Strengthening Connection

Session 2 The Art of Communication

Session 3 Resolving Conflict

Session 4 The Power of Forgiveness

Session 5 The Impact of Family

Session 6 Good Sex

Session 7 Love in Action