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For further reflection in the great silence of today is A Holy Saturday Ancient Homily


















April 8, 2020
Holy Week Update 

Parish family,

This is a Holy Week like we have never experienced before. Nonetheless, Jesus takes center stage. As He does, watch what He will do; watch what He will do to Sin and Death. We look forward to watching with you as we enter the Triduum.

Triduum Schedule |  Below is the schedule, however, please see below notable items related to this week.

Holy Week At Home Guides | To help us enter more into the liturgy, follow this link for the Holy Week At Home Mass guides; for adults and for children with activities and questions included.

Lectio Divina Wednesdays | Continuing from last Wednesday, accompany Fr Mark, who will be joined by our seminarians, Andrew and Ricky @ 7pm for Lectio Divina—holy reading of Scripture.

Holy Thursday Adoration | The traditional emptying of the tabernacle and procession to an altar of repose will not take place this year due to the lockdown and empty church. However, after the solemn stripping of the altar, we will have an hour of Adoration of Jesus in the tabernacle. We will conclude with Night Prayer.

Good Friday | At noon, join Father Mark for “I Thirst” meditation.

Holy Saturday Blessing of Easter Baskets | Gather around with your Easter baskets on Saturday morning! Join us immediately after 8am morning prayer as Fr. Don and Fr. Mark will give a virtual blessing of Easter baskets.

Message from Bishop Pates | Please see the enclosed message regarding the Easter duty of receiving Holy Communion.

Anointing of the Sick (Last Rites) | There has been confusion around Priest availability for the sacrament of the anointing of the sick. In the Diocese of Joliet, Priests are able to give the sacrament when one is in danger of death. Please contact the emergency line if you or a love one’s death is imminent.

Even though it’s not possible for us to celebrate the liturgies of this most holiest of weeks together, we’re still united as we watch Jesus go to work.

As you connect with us virtually, know that your connection with us is active and not passive.  Jesus Christ is still the universal King and very much present in our hearts; His true greatness consists in being the King of our spirits.  When we offer your sacrifice with us every time we celebrate the Mass, you’re united with us and with Jesus.  That act of Spiritual Communion; telling the Lord that you love Him, offering your heart to Him, allows Him to work His Love in you. Together let us put Him at center stage these coming days, and then watch Him go to work.

In Christ with Mary,
Fr. Don & Fr. Mark 


Lord Jesus, as we enter into Holy Week once again, I come before you to renew my love and gratitude, and to ask you to open my heart to all the special graces that this week contains.

I know that everything that took place during this week two thousand years ago was done for the salvation of the world, and yet as if for me alone. As you carried your cross, you thought of each man, woman, and child you would redeem. As you suffered betrayal, denial, and the fleeing of your disciples, as you experienced the mockery and scorn of the crowds, you knew of every human betrayal and denial that would ever take place, and you knew of all the sufferings and humiliations every person would ever undergo in every corner of the world. You saw my whole life, every moment of my existence.

Lord Jesus, I want to live this week in union with you. I want the mysteries of your Passion, Death, and Resurrection to continue to transform my life. Though I do not know the hour of my physical death, I do know that at each moment of my life, lived in union with you, you can put to death all that separates me from you. By your grace, I have already been raised with you, and the life I now live is not my own, but yours.

In the Sacrifice of the Mass today and every day, I unite myself to you. I offer you my whole heart, my whole life. Through the Immaculate Heart of Mary I offer you all my prayers, works, joys, and sufferings—holding nothing back. I want to be entirely clothed in you, to be conformed to you, and I trust that as you look upon me from heaven, you hold nothing back. You love me with the entirety of your Sacred Heart.
Lord Jesus, I trust in you. Lord Jesus, I love you.