Create Community. Accompany Others. Grow as Disciples.

It is true that being a Christian means saying “yes” to Jesus Christ, but let us remember that this “yes” has two levels; it consists in surrendering to the Word of God and relying on it, but it also means, at a later stage, endeavoring to know better-and-better the profound meaning of this Word.

John Paul II

You weren’t meant to do life alone

Looking to grow faith and friendships after RCIA or Alpha? Consider Grow Groups. 

“Encounter/Grow/Witness” is the threefold dimension of the Christian life.  Once we encounter Jesus, we are then called to grow daily as his disciples. Grow Groups are one way Our Lady of Mercy is responding to our missionary identity where we are called to help parishioners grow continually in discipleship.

To follow Jesus is to commit to lifelong learning and growth. Like Jesus’ disciples, our walk with the Lord today is not one lived in isolation but rather one immersed in community and enriched by authentic friendship with others. In homes and in the company of friends, Grow Groups provide a place of deep transformation where people can be known, loved, and cared for as they strive to deepen their friendship with Jesus and one another.

For more information, connect with Zara Tan, Evangelization and Discipleship Coordinator at or call 331-707-5381.

After encountering the person of Jesus, it is crucial that we enter a stage of maturation. That is to say, a time where we endeavor to better know the One we encountered. The more we come to know about Jesus, the more we fall in love with Him.  The only safe place to do this is under the guidance of the Church community with other Christians seeking to know Him. We encourage you to take advantage of ways to grow in your relationship with Jesus and quench the thirst within us all.

First up, there’s

Food & Fellowship

Gather and Fellowship involving food of some sort. It is up to the individual groups what type of food is served. A full meal, pot-luck, dessert or snack are all possibilities.

Followed by

Prayer & Worship

The type of prayer is up to the group to decide. Suggestions include praise and worship, one of the hours of the office (like Vespers or Night Prayer) or another group prayer. Material is provided, such as lyrics and sources of music.


Formation with Discussion

The teachings are designed to engage and inspire conversation. They also foster the spiritual disciplines of a Christ follower.  They can be given as a live talk or played as a video. Members are given the chance to share thoughts and ideas on the topic, discussing in their group. Discussion is guided by prepared questions from the curriculum. The session wraps up with five minutes of closing prayer and intentions.

Closing with

A Time of Prayer

Use your departure as a time to thank God and as a group pray for one another’s intentions. Follow up with one another at the next meeting to give updates to prayers answered.

Grow Group Content

The Wild Goose

One of the most important relationships on this side of heaven, one can have is that with the Holy Spirit.  It is so important, that Jesus says to us in John 16:7 “But I tell you the truth, it is better for you that I go. For if I do not go, the Advocate will not come to you.  But if I go, I will send Him to you.” John 16:7

The Wild Goose is a work of the Holy Spirit, which is awakening in the hearts of all those participating God’s love and transforming power. This is a love that has been revealed to us by Jesus Christ and that leads us to our heavenly Father. As you walk through this series, pray for the Spirit to breathe life into your heart.