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Fall Quarter: Oct 22, 2018
Winter Quarter: Jan 22, 2019
Spring Quarter: Mar 18, 2019
Summer Quarter: May 28, 2019

The next sign-up for the sacrament of Confirmation preparation will begin January 2019. * Only those teens who have completed requirements may register for the sacramental program. Get more information here!


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Basic and Faith Elective Mini-Courses

We will offer various mini-courses for high school teens at many different days and times throughout the year. Our focus is on flexibility and content of specific faith topics that will help teens grow in their faith. We have designed four (4) “Basics of Our Catholic Faith” courses that we feel every high school teen should participate. These include Morality and Justice, Prayer and Worship, Meeting Jesus in Scripture and Being Catholic.

We have also designed“Faith and Life” elective courses that teens can choose based on their interest and needs. These range from developing relationships, prayer, Mary, church teachings, media, peer/friend ssues, etc.

Most of our courses are 4 sessions in length and held during 4 consecutive weeks, while others are one day workshops or events. They are usually held in the Parish Life Center (other locations will be noted). Course size (Basic and Faith & Life Elective courses) is a minimum of 8, maximum of 15, unless noted.

Please refer to the course descriptions section in the guidebook.

Course Descriptions for Basic & Electives:

Basic of the Faith Mini-Courses

Morality and Justice
How do we live the right way? What is the right way? Jesus didn’t have to live with my parents and doesn’t understand what I go through every day. He didn’t have peer pressure, Facebook, or a cell phone. How can His teachings have any relevance to my life two thousand years later? This course addresses decision making from the Catholic perspective and the effect of sin on our relationship with God.

Prayer and Worship (4 course session & Family Mass)
Is the Liturgy of the Eucharist a special mass? Where did the Our Father originally come from? Are there really parts of dead bodies in our church? What is ordinary time? Why do some people actually like going to mass when I don’t seem to get anything out of it? This course will explore different types of prayer, parts of the mass, nuances of our church building, and other topics, all aimed at gaining insights into our rich Catholic tradition and making our weekly sixty minutes with God fulfilling. *This course will also include mandatory participation in a Family Mass.

Being Catholic (Teen & Parent Course)
What is the Nicene Creed and does anyone say it anymore? Was Jesus a man or is he God? Who does Jesus say He is? We can believe in God on our own; why do we need the Catholic Church? I never heard of a mission statement, and aren’t all the missions in foreign countries anyway? We will learn about and discuss the sacraments, the symbols, and the rituals that connect us to God, the Catholic Church, and each other. Note: This course requires at least one parent attend EACH session with their student.) This course capacity is 12 students.

Meeting Jesus in Scripture (formerly Scripture course)
If the Old Testament is full of stories about the Jewish people, why do Catholics care about this history? Are the Old and New Testaments of the Bible connected? Why did Jesus speak in parables? Is it true the Gospel writers never met Jesus? When and where did Jesus meet Paul? You will use the first three classes to prepare for the final session in which the character of Jesus will be put on trial. Based on the evidence learned, will you choose to defend or prosecute?


Faith and Life Elective Mini-Courses

Faith and Life Elective Mini-Courses are on topics that interest teens and are geared towards helping them develop life skills along the faith journey.

Character Counts
This course focuses on the importance of having “character.” It looks at how to make the Christian values of honesty, loyalty, forgiveness, and trust an integral part of our lives and why they are so important.

Living A Moral Life (formerly 10! God’s Commandments)
This course will explore how the 10 Commandments and the Beatitudes still apply to our lives today. Teens will explore various topics and case studies that look at applying these guidelines for living a moral life.

Bible Unplugged
This course will look at characters and parts of the Bible less often discussed. Discover the unique roles of some of the women in the Bible: Sarah, Hagar, Rebecca, Deborah, Naomi, and Ruth. What are angels? When and why does God use them to deliver messages? What do Scripture and the Church teach us about these beings? Finally, we’ll investigate the Book of Revelation and research various interpretations of this text.

Movie and a Message
This course will observe messages on Catholic and Christian morals and teachings as portrayed in current movies. By watching these movies, the students will learn about different morals held by Catholics and other Christians, and how they can carry out God’s will outside of the Church.

Teen Issues and Relationships
This course deals with the many issues and relationships that shape a teen’s life (family, friends, boyfriends/girlfriends). It will address how their faith affects each of these relationships and the importance of building healthy relationships.

She’s Got A Way About Her
This course focuses on the important role that the Blessed Virgin Mother plays in the Catholic Church. Students will be introduced to the teenage girl whose “yes” to God forever changed her life. They will gain an understanding of what it meant to be the Mother of God by exploring some of the many joys and sorrows that Mary experienced while gaining a deeper appreciation of the prayers that honor Mary.

Jesus, Just Like Me
This course explores the human side of Jesus – solving the puzzle on how He is just like us! What was Jesus like as a child? What would He post to His facebook? Who would follow Him on Twitter? How does He connect with me today?

Download: Filtering Media Choices
This course is designed to help the student think critically about everything they see and hear in the media today. With so many media choices out there, it’s critical for teens to be equipped with the tools that will help them make wise choices.