Bible Basics 101

Introduction to the Bible as fertile ground for personal and group study.

​Information on an upcoming class will be forthcoming.

Do the following questions resonate with you?

“It’s a huge book, how can I ever read it?”

“Even scholars can’t understand it so how in the world can I understand it?”

“It causes so much controversy and division; how can I interpret it?”

“How can I understand the Bible that is written in such ancient language about events that happened long ago?”

“Why should I read the Bible when I seem to be getting along so well without it?”

“I thought only Fr Don and Fr Mark, essentially priests and nuns, are the only ones that can read the Bible?”

“I’d really like to know how to read the Bible but just don’t know who to ask.”

“Bible Study sounds so serious, I am not sure if it’s for me.”

“I don’t really know anything about the Bible aside from what we hear at Sunday Mass.”

“I would like to know more about the Bible but just don’t know where to start.”

Are these similar to questions that you also have?

If so, great! Let’s try and respond to them together, happy to to meet up over coffee to try and answer them.

Just reach out, email us!