June 10, 2018 Tenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

On Saturday, May 27th Bishop Conlon ordained seven new priests to serve at parishes in the Diocese of Joliet.  We congratulate and pray for them in their first assignments:  Fr. Ryan Adorjan (St. Raymond Cathedral – Joliet), Fr. Max Behna (St. Michael – Wheaton), Fr. John Horan (St. John Paul II – Kankakee), Fr. Jesus Martinez (St. Andrew – Romeoville), Fr. Michael McMahon (St. Mary Immaculate – Plainfield), Fr. Anthony Nyamai (St. Mary, West Chicago), and Fr. James Olofson (St. Dominic – Bolingbrook). May God bless them and the people they will serve.

I also wish to offer congratulations to all our parishioners who have graduated from university, college and high school in the last several weeks.  May your futures be bright and may you keep close to the Lord Jesus as you journey through life.

I have some new improvements to tell you about.  First, after months of work by parishioner Zara Tan and Fr. Mark designing and writing content, our new parish website has been launched.  A huge thank you to Zara who was the primary lead and creator of the website.

Also, the PLC now has WI-FI. Video screens to keep you informed about upcoming events are soon to be installed in the narthex of the church and the lobby of the Parish Life Center.  Some new important safety features have also been installed.  We now have video cameras monitoring and recording the hallways of the PLC and entrances to the church and PLC and the Eucharistic Chapel. Previously there has been no way to communicate an emergency situation (tornado, intruder, etc.) throughout the PLC.  Speakers have now been installed throughout the hallways of the PLC and announcements that will be heard throughout the PLC and classrooms can be made from parish and RE office phones.  All these improvements are possible because of your generous financial support of OLM.  Thank you!!

Friday, June 22nd is the 30th anniversary of the creation of Our Lady of Mercy parish.  Please join in the celebration!!  Be a part of the new parish family photo directory.  Photography sessions will take place June 26 – 30 and July 10 – 18.  Call the parish office to make an appointment.  If you can’t make any of these dates, you can have your picture taken at another parish.  Again, call the parish office for info.

The weekend Masses on June 23/24 will celebrate the parish anniversary.  In 30 years, we have become many – from 200 families in 1988 to over 3,800 families today – but we are one!  Celebrating our ethnic diversity, there will be desserts of various ethnic traditions in the Parish Life Center following all Masses.  On Sunday, June 24th from 1:00pm to 5:00pm there will be food trucks in our parking lot with a variety of food choices.  Get your food and drinks and have a picnic on the church grounds.  Tables will be set up outside and inside in the PLC.  Grab some food after the 12:30pm Mass or before the 5:30pm Mass or anytime in between – and let’s celebrate!!

Have a Blessed Week!

Father Don