July 30, 2022 | Parish Update

July 30, 2022 | Parish Update

Our Ultimate Destiny, Prayer Ministry & Last Chance to Purchase Tickets for 8/7th

From Father Michael . . .

Bonus points if you can name the title of the movie from this short quote; “Squirrel!” It’s a humorous line in reference to a short attention span of a dog. But I also use the phrase and smile when it applies to my own life and short attention span.

Hopefully, we are all well aware that the human heart and mind can get distracted easily. When trying to do menial tasks at home or at work, but even when we are praying, our mind wanders. One thing that is necessary to fight the fickleness of our hearts and minds is to stay focused, or constantly draw our minds back to our ultimate goal. This is the beautiful witnesses of the Saints and their story, on how they remained focused on Heaven and the Lord. Even in the midst of possible distractions, they remained faithful to keeping their eyes set on the Lord.

That is what our readings are trying to do this weekend. From Ecclesiastes to our Gospel, the readings seem grim; with vanity of vanities to the parable stating, “you fool, this night your life will be demanded of you.” The intention of the readings is not supposed to be one of fear, but to remind us of our ultimate end. Things of this world are fleeting and what we need to do is set our sights on the Lord in Heaven, which is our final end and desire. Hence, in the Our Father prayer, we say – Our Father, who art in heaven! It is meant to point us to heaven.

So let us be encouraged by Saint Paul in our second reading, “Think of what is above, not of what is on earth.” As we come to the Eucharist, a foretaste of heaven and union with God, let us continually draw our minds and hearts to the ultimate end that we seek. Communion with God in Heaven!
Father Michael


We look forward to seeing you at any of the Mass times this weekend, where Father James will be preaching at all Masses.  

If you were away and have not had a chance to say hello to our new pastor, Father Michael, please come up to him and introduce yourself; let us continue to welcome him with much love and support!



Vacation Bible School Service Opportunity 8/1 thru 8/4
  • This year, our “Faith into Action” activity is to care for refugee children in need of school supplies. We are asking the VBS community, and you, the parish family at large, to donate school supplies and/or a quality backpack to refugee children in the DuPage County area who will be attending school for the first time in the United States. Backpacks will be donated locally to Hesed House as well.
  • Please bring NEW donations from the supply list below on Monday, August 1 through Thursday, August 4, and place them in the large bin in front of the desk in our church Narthex.
  • Our goal on Friday, August 5 is to have our VBS campers take service into their own hands by helping to prepare dozens of backpacks for children PreK through Grade 5, the same age as our campers. Special thanks to Chris Harvey for bringing the good work of Exodus to our community and to our Robert H. Weaver Knights of Columbus Council for their generous donation to go toward the cost of quality backpacks.
    School Backpack
    Glue Sticks
    24 – Pack Crayons
    12 – Pack No. 2 Pencils
    Pencil box/Pencil Pouch Scissors, (Bunt, Rounded) Spiral Notebook (Wide Ruled) Erasers
    4 – Pack Colored Dry Erase Markers Notebook Paper (wide ruled, 200) 12 Pack Colored Pencils
    Pencil Sharpener
    Hand Sanitizer
    Scissors (small, pointed) Pens (red)
    3 ring binder (2” size)

Consuming Fire Young Adult Grow Group continues on 8/2
  • All young adults are invited to join the Consuming Fire Young Adult Community. This group meets every Tuesday from 7pm to 8:30pm in Room 211. We gather to eat, pray, and ‘do life together’!
  • From the weekly Tuesday gatherings to additional social gatherings (hiking, dinner at someone’s home or at a restaurant, Friday evening volleyball, and Sunday softball), there are so many good reasons to join this fun awesome group! Want more information? Sign up HERE

Salt & Light is continuing their series “Sharing Christ” on 8/3
  • They are continuing a series called “Sharing Christ” details and registration are found here.  See you on Wednesdays at 7pm. The group also gathers socially once a month and also has volunteer gatherings at Feed My Starving Children FMSC.
  • Join the Salt and Light Grow Group @ FMSC Feed My Starving Children on Friday 8/12th from 4:30pm to 6:15pm!  Connect with Bob Maxwell our Salt and Light Grow Group Leader, to let him know you are registering for one of the packing spots, at bmaxwell@deltadentalil.com or 630-962-8464.
Vines & Branches Grow Group is continuing their book study (on annulments) on 8/3
  • Do you know anyone or are you seeking answers about the Catholic annulment process after having gone through the pain of divorce? Come to the book study at Vines & Branches Grow Group where you will go through “Mending the Heart: a Catholic Annulment Companion” by Lisa Duffy.   Meets on Wednesdays at 7pm, please register here

Knights of Columbus Blood Drive 8/6
  • Donate blood next Saturday 8/6th from 8am to 12pm at the Knights of Columbus Blood Drive.  Every donor will save up to 3 lives!  While appointments are greatly appreciated, walk-ins are welcome.  You can register ahead of time at this link.
    Please make sure to eat a healthy meal and drink plenty of water before donating. Also please bring a photo ID.
Interfaith Food Pantry Collection 8/6 & 8/7
  • Please consider donating nonperishable items to the food pantry. The collection is on the first weekend of the month. Our next collection is on August 6 & 7. The collection bin will be located in the Atrium (Door B Entrance). This collection is separate from the collection for PADS which supports Hesed House Homeless Shelter. Thank you!


A Mother’s Heart Grow Group August Gatherings
  • A Mother’s Heart is a group for Catholic mothers with children ages 0-11 who are seeking to journey with other like-minded women of faith. Please register for events ahead of time with Lydia at lydiaschmitt@gmail.com

Undone Freedom for the Feminine Heart 9/22 thru 9/24 
  • Sign up for the Women’s Conference from John Paull II Healing Center – Undone – Freedom for the Feminine Heart taking place here at Our Lady of Mercy from Thursday 9/22 through Saturday 9/24.  Registration is OPEN, join 120 women and counting, for a powerful refreshing time.  Click on the graphic to register below! 
  • Do you desire to dive deeper into the freedom that you were created for? Do you feel restricted and bound by the knots of sin and shame that conceal the profound beauty of your feminine heart?
    Ladies, immerse yourself in a three-day conference of truth and transformation as the knots of Eve, in us, are undone by Mary’s example of radical receptivity. Through a series of talks, teachings, and prayer experiences, you will be invited to become Undone in God’s presence while deeply receiving the truth of your authentic identity.  Let your friends know to save these dates as well, you won’t want to miss this conference.

Are you curious about becoming Catholic? Are you Catholic but haven’t yet received all your sacraments?
  • O.C.I A., the Order of Christian Initiation for Adults, is the amazing journey of entering into the fullness of the Catholic faith. We will help you to learn, grow, find community, and prepare for the fullness of life that God desires for us all!
  • Even if you’re unsure with where you’re at regarding becoming Catholic or receiving all your sacraments, please fill out this form so that we can know how best to help! You are also welcome to reach out to Fr. James at frjames@olmercy.com

Mary’s Squad In-Person Workouts continue 8/6, 8/13, 8/27 & 8/27
  • Mary’s Squad workouts are on Saturday mornings at 8:30am are now in-person.
  • Workout details are: stretch and strengthening mat workout while we pray the rosary. Concludes with 10 minutes of meditative silent prayer followed by group prayer intentions.
  • Please reach out to Juanita Pacheco juanitapacheco@yahoo.com, one of the leads, and let them know you will be joining them; they are looking forward to welcoming you.

Summer Girl’s Night Out – Undone Book Study Continues 8/10
  • It’s not too late to join the “Summer Girl’s Night Out Undone Book Study” gathering once a month during the summer. With good food and good discussions with good friends on a summer weeknight @ 6:30pm at unique local establishments; we hope you are able to make it. The next GNO dates are Weds 8/10 @ Altiro Latin Fusion in downtown Aurora and Weds 9/14 @ Minghin Chinese Dim Sum in Naperville.
  • Registration and further details are found HERE.  
  • Undone: Freeing your Feminine Heart from the Knots of Fear and Shame by Carrie Schuchts Daunt is a book with a collection of raw and redemptive testimonies from Catholic women such as Lisa Brenninkmeyer and Jen Settle which offers an opportunity to discover what is true and what is healing in areas where we may have struggled in our    identities as a daughter, sister, bride, and mother.
    Purchase the book now and read one chapter (part) before each gathering. Here are links to the book at Amazon.comBarnes & Noble, or at the JPII Healing Center site

Diocese of Joliet Wedding Anniversary Mass 8/28
  • Join the celebration on Sunday, August 28th at 2:00 pm at the Cathedral of St. Raymond in Joliet
  • If you are celebrating either your 25th or 50th anniversary this year, please email your names, address, and how many years you have been married to the Diocese for a formal invitation to: familyministry@dioceseofjoliet.org
  • Those celebrating over 50-year anniversaries do not receive a formal invitation but will be able to register to attend at a later date.

Waterleaf Run/Walk for Life 5K on 9/10

OLM Bowling League August 2022 thru May 2023

  • Do not spend another fall, winter, and spring cooped up in your home!!! Come out and join the OLM Mixed Bowling League. You need not be a good bowler. You only need to come out and enjoy some safe time out with fellow parishioners for one Friday a month. If you have thought about joining a league, now is the time to give it a try. There are 4 players to a team, but we will build a team for <4 players who wish to join. Fees are $17/person per month.
  • The league will be one Friday/month from August through May, skipping December. If you have questions and/or would like to join the league, please give Dan Panozzo a call at 815- 302-4111 or email at tanddpanozzo@comcast.net. Come on out and join the fun!

World Youth Day 2023 
  • The Consuming Fire Young Adult Grow Group is looking to join the Joliet Diocese on a Pilgrimage to Lisbon, Portugal for World Youth Day 2023 from July 29 to August 7. Come and join them!  This includes an optional pre-tour to Madrid from July 25 to 29.  Proceed here for further details.

Bishop Hick’s Monthly Column 
  • In his July column, Bishop Hicks writes “A life centered on Christ promotes unity.” Read it HERE

An Update from Father Don!
  • Pope Francis offered advice on about how to live in retirement fruitfully by leaving “a legacy of good, rather than just goods.”Speaking during his general audience on May 11, the pope said that retirement can be a “time to leave a good legacy of wisdom, tenderness, and gifts for the family and the community.” “When we think of an inheritance, at times we think of goods, and not of the goodness that is done in old age, and that has been sown. That goodness is the best legacy we can leave,” he said in St. Peter’s Square. Now that I am retired, I’ve been pondering those words and wondered if I’ve left a legacy of goodness. Reading all your notes in the cards and emails I received, I take great comfort in knowing I have left some goodness. I sit on the balcony of my condo and treasure re-reading them. Again, thank you for your kindness and generosity as I retired.

    Regarding my health….the CT Scan I had on June 20 showed no significant change to the cancer in my lungs. However, the bloodwork showed I am very anemic, which explains my constant fatigue and shortness of breath that I’ve experienced the past nine months.

    At my oncologists’ direction, I am now taking an iron supplement 3x daily, and a _ _ _ _ load (pun intended) of laxatives to counter the effect of so much iron! It isn’t a pleasant experience! This routine goes until September 13. Then bloodwork at and CT scan again.

    Ministerially, I have started celebrating Mass at Marianjoy on the second and fourth Sundays of the month at 2pm. I will begin my 10-hour-a-week volunteer chaplaincy at Marianjoy sometime in August. I have celebrated Sunday Mass at various parishes and have done some funeral service outside of Mass at local funeral homes. In August I will start a regular schedule of celebrating Sunday Mass at St. John the Baptist in Winfield. They have four weekend Masses and only one priest. Please keep my health issues in your prayers.

    Thank you!
    Fr Don

Do you have a story to share of your time with Jesus in the Eucharist?

  • In the Eucharist, Jesus wants to remind you that you are never alone, that He is with you. In your brokenness, sorrows, and frustrations, He is with you. In everything you face—when you’re tired, ready to give up, hanging on by a thread, Jesus says to you, “I AM HERE.”
  • If you have experienced the above with Jesus, we invite you to share your story so as to inspire others to spend time with Jesus in the Eucharist, and to go to Holy Mass.  Allow your story to be the vessel that can reach that person who Jesus is drawing to Himself more closely, especially those who are going through a tough time right now.  Let us take part in the National Eucharistic Revival in a tangible way; come and share your story of your encounter with Jesus in the Eucharist.  Connect with zara@olmercy.com to share your encounter.

Family Faith Formation Office is Hiring
  • Coordinator of Family & Youth Evangelization & Catechesis for Grades 6-12 Youth Ministry – LIGHT & EDGE
    We are seeking a part-time Coordinator for Family and Youth Catechesis and Evangelization for Grades 6-12. The Coordinator will work with a ministry team to develop and grow disciples for Christ and send them on mission. The primary focus will be spent working with high school and middle school teens and their families in a variety of ministry settings. An applicant must have experience in youth or family ministry, have a Bachelor’s Degree in Religious Studies, or Pastoral Ministry or a related field and must be a practicing Roman Catholic in good standing, and must know, profess and act consistently in accordance with the doctrinal and moral teachings of the Catholic Church, and with the mission, philosophy, objectives, and policies of the Diocese of Joliet. The position is 28 hours a week with no benefits.Please submit a resume to Dave Miserendino via email at DaveM@olmercy.com.

Building a Community Garden on Parish Grounds
  • Do you have a green thumb? Or perhaps you like gardening and are good at caring for plants?  Connect with the Justice & Peace Ministry, which has carved out a Community Garden at Our Lady of Mercy parish grounds. Produce from the Community Garden will be given to local organizations such as Hesed House and local food pantries. Please contact Ida at 630-605-6038 or idamphillips@gmail.com or Chris at 631-561-9722 or chrisharveyny@gmail.com.

Did You Know We Have a Parish School?
  • All Saints Catholic Academy (ASCA) located at 1155 Aurora Ave, Naperville is our parish school!
  • Are you a parent with preschool, elementary, and middle school-aged children struggling with the antithetical Christian values the government schools are indoctrinating the children who attend the government schools?  You’re not alone.
  • Join a growing number of OLM parents who have made the movement!  Consider connecting with some of the families who have made the move from sending their child(ren) to public school to All Saints Catholic Academy.
  • Connect with Patty Bajek at (630) 961-6125, or pbajek@ascacademy.org to express your interest and schedule a personalized tour.  Or peruse their website to explore your interest.
St. Vincent de Paul Society Volunteers
  • Thank you for your support of our clothing drive. Your clothing donation, as well as your financial donations throughout the year, allows us to help our parishioners and neighbors in need. In the last quarter of 2021, we provided assistance to 35 people/families.
  • The ministry is always looking for volunteers to join our St. Vincent de Paul Society in assisting our neighbors in need. If you would like to volunteer or learn more, send an email to olmsvdp@gmail.com with your name and contact information.
Supporting OLM through the CMAA
  • Thank you so much to those who have pledged!  Once we have reached our goal in paid pledges, 70% of the additional funds received will be returned to our parish.
  • Father Don and Bishop Hicks are asking us to join them in pledging to the CMAA to help the poor and vulnerable, form our future shepherds, and spread the faith through our Catholic schools, faith formation programs in parishes, and programs for young adults.
  • Donations can be made here Check out how your gifts to the CMAA help at this link. Thank you for your consideration.
For the Hispanic Community
  • Please proceed here for the OLM Hispanic Ministry’s upcoming events and resources.
    Continúe aquí para conocer los próximos eventos y recursos del Ministerio Hispano de OLM.
  • There will be Stations of the Cross in Spanish every 2nd Wednesday of the month after the 12pm Mass.
    A partir de la próxima semana, habrá Estaciones de la Cruz en español cada segundo miércoles del mes después de la misa de las 12 pm.
A Note from the Intercessory Prayer Ministry
  • How can we be praying for you today?
    There are times when life is overwhelming when all we have is questions. In those moments, hope can feel far away. The great thing about prayer is that it shifts our perspective toward the One who stands ready to listen. No matter what you’re facing, we’d love to pray with you. Submit your prayer requests at this link
  • Prayer Ministry takes place monthly at MAGNIFY and on the last weekend of the month Mass times.  Prayer ministry is an opportunity for those in need of physical, emotional, or spiritual healing or with a specific intention. Come as an individual, as a couple, or as. a family and receive prayer for yourself or request prayers for someone in need. Listen and receive the prayers while being open to the Holy Spirit’s movement. Trained prayer ministers are available.
Have you downloaded our myParish App yet?
  • If you haven’t done so, we encourage you to download the Our Lady of Mercy app available to download for iPhone and Android smartphones.  Or text APP to 88202 to download.
    • Stay connected with our parish throughout the week with instant notifications, an easy-to-access event calendar, and the ability to quickly reply to or share messages via Facebook or Twitter. Also enjoy a bunch of additional features like prayers, daily readings, helpful reminders to silence your phone before Mass or Confession, and much more.
OSV Giving Link Update
  • Our online giving link has been updated by our provider (OSV), please be sure to update your bookmark, below is the link.
  • The myParish App “Giving” button has been updated.  Don’t have the myParish App yet? Text APP to 88202 to download!  Receive this update, instant news, and get access to the parish calendar, daily readings, and Confession guide among a plethora of things.
  • https://www.osvhub.com/olmercy/giving/funds

Grow Groups | We continue to launch Grow Groups, one group at a time.

Connect with zara@olmercy.com for any questions.

Mission. A Mother’s Heart is a group for Catholic mothers with children ages 0-11 who are seeking to journey with other like-minded women of faith.  Following the example of St. Thérèse of Lisieux, we strive to imitate her “little way” of growing in holiness through the lenses of motherhood and family.
Meets. Thursdays twice a month.  For any of the following: book chats, podcast discussions, “Mom’s Night Out”, community service projects, fellowship, playgroups, prayer.
Connect.  Reach out to Lydia Schmitt lydiadschmitt@gmail.com for any questions.
Mission. This group exists to grow a community that inspires and forms the young adult generation to be saints.
Meets. Tuesdays @ 7pm and twice a month for social gatherings.
Connect.  Reach out to Matt Kubanda and Mary Rysavy rysavyme@gmail.com
World Youth Day 2023.  The Consuming Fire Young Adult Grow Group is looking to join the Joliet Diocese on a Pilgrimage to Lisbon, Portugal for World Youth Day 2023 from July 29 to August 7.  This includes an optional pre-tour to Madrid from July 25 to 29.  Proceed here for further details.


Mission. “Encounter/Grow/Witness” is the threefold dimension of the Christian life.  Once we encounter Jesus, we are then called to grow daily as His disciples. Grow Groups are one way Our Lady of Mercy is responding to our missionary identity where we are called to help parishioners grow continually in discipleship.
Meets. Wednesdays 7pm to 8:30pm
Connect. For more information, connect with Bob Maxwell at bmaxwell@deltadentalil.com or 630-962-8464
Mission.  Vine & Branches is a group at Our Lady of Mercy that offers support and belonging to individuals of any age or faith who are divorced or separated on the way to divorce.
Meets. Wednesdays @ 7pm with social gatherings.
Connect. The group leaders are looking forward to hearing from you, please don’t hesitate to reach out to them.
Kim Harris kimharris73@yahoo.com
Mary LoGalbo logalbo.marycarol@gmail.com
John Frederick jdfredericj@icloud.com
Jim Marks jimm6351@yahoo.com

FREE ONLINE RESOURCES In this section, you will find free conferences, webinars, and studies that you can freely take part in that can grow your faith.


Diving into the beauty of the Faith has never been easier: at home, on the go, or from any internet-connected device. Discover thousands of books, audio talks, movies, documentaries, and studies… there is something for every member of the family to help them grow closer to Christ and His Church.

  1. Visit http://signup.formed.org/
  2. Enter our parish zip or name
  3. Enter your name and email

Check out our “Eucharist Resources” page to help us understand deeply the centrality of the Eucharist in our lives.


From Augustine Institute comes this NEW AND FREE Catholic prayer app that inspires your daily conversation with God through faithful meditations and nourishing Scripture. There is also Family Content: Enjoy and share family-favorite audio from the series Brother Francis and the Jesus Stories.  Please enjoy this latest offering from the Augustine Institute.


Hallow is a Catholic prayer & meditation app that helps users deepen their relationship with God through contemplative prayer and strengthen one’s mental health in the process. Easy-to-use, audio-guided sessions anywhere from 1 to 60 minutes long. Pray your own way with a personalized prayer plan pulling from 3,000+ unique sessions including the Lectio Divina on the Daily Gospel, Rosary, Examen, Night Prayer, Calm & Humility “Praylists” and much more. Hallow Light is free. Hallow Plus is $5 per month ($60 per year). Sign up for either one here.


Did you know that you have complete access to Bishop Barron’s Word on Fire ENGAGE video library!   Check out this link to watch any of the videos whenever you want without ever having to login.

Not sure where to start? How about checking out the short 5 episode series on The Eucharist This fresh look at the Eucharist brings to light its reality as sacred meal, the sacrifice necessary for communion with God, and the real presence of Christ.


Looking for authentically Catholic content for men? Look no further than HeroicMen.com—the all-new, 100% FREE Catholic streaming platform for men.
Learn about your faith from today’s best Catholic speakers—and do it all from the convenience of home. Stream-on-demand from your phone or tablet, too, for quality Catholic content on the go.  Get it all—for FREE – at HeroicMen.com


Have you wanted to get to know St. Thomas Aquinas and his writings more so as to grow closer to Jesus?

Sign up for any of the short and free courses at Aquinas 101 a project of the

Thomistic Institute seeks to promote understanding of the thought of St. Thomas Aquinas, the eminent 13th-century philosopher, and theologian.

Aquinas is a masterful interpreter of reality. His writings assist us in answering perennial questions on topics like God, man, the natural world, law, and morality, and questions of special relevance to our time like the relationship between modern science and faith or pursuing happiness in the digital era.


If you have physical, mental, emotional or spiritual health concerns or questions about end-of-life issues, funeral planning, journeying through grief, caregiving for a loved one or are homebound, please contact Jolene LeRoy RN Parish Nurse and Director of Pastoral Care for support and resources at jolenel@olmercy.com or 331-707-5380.

All of us have experienced joys and sorrows, ups and downs, accomplishments and disappointments in our lives. There may have been times that resulted in brokenness or heavy hearts that affect our attitude and way of living. The Open HEARTS Ministry has changed its name to Healing Hearts as it is a ministry for anyone 18 years of age or older who would like to practice self-care for their own health and wellness and would also like to reach out to others to offer healing and hope.

If you are in need of emotional or mental health support or resources, please contact Janice Hurtado Aeppli at 321-217- 7872 or at olmopenhearts@yahoo.com

Do you find yourself struggling in overcoming your battle with pornography?   Restore is a weekly (anonymous) meeting where men lean on each other for support and accountability and share ideas as to how to strengthen our resolve to stay on God’s path of chastity.  All men are welcome, whether you have been free of pornography addiction for many years or struggle with it every single day.

If you are ready to start breaking free from the grips of pornography and want to Restore your life email us at Restore.olm@gmail.com to find out more information on when and where we meet.

Be encouraged; check out this Testimony.

If you are experiencing grief and would like to join others for a time of sharing stories, tears and laughter, prayer, and moving forward in hope – please come on Monday, June 27 from 11am to 1pm in the Ministry Room located in the church. There is no registration. This is an opportunity to receive support and understanding during your grief journey. If you have questions, please call Jolene LeRoy RN Parish Nurse and Director of Pastoral Care at 331-707-5380.