Marriage Tune Up

Marriage is a vocation to holiness. From their first days as husband and wife through their golden years, married couples have the awesome task of witnessing to God’s faithful love to each other, their children, and society. No couple does this perfectly, and everyone needs help when love feels strained and the going gets tough. All marriages can grow in knowledge, faith, joy, and love. Whether you are just starting out in marriage or have fifty years under your belt, the advice, real life stories, and Church teaching here can help strengthen and bless your marriage.


Marriage Tune-Up Workshop by Doug Hinderer

Details on the Workshop

ABOUT. The workshop is geared towards couples who worry that their marriage is getting stale, is in need of a tune-up and who want to breathe new life into their relationship.

WHEN.  Two consecutive Fridays, January 24 & January 31, 2020

TIME. 6:30pm – 8:30pm

FEE. $30 for BOTH evenings
The fee covers the cost of dinner for two and workshop materials.
If the fee presents a hardship, we invite you to please reach out to

REGISTRATION.  Is required, please register at the following links below.

ATTENDING ONE OR BOTH SESSION.  While it is best to attend both sessions because each session builds up on the other and equips each couple more fully, you may attend just one session if you wish.

About Doug Hinderer

You may have heard of Doug from Relevant Radio’s “On the Front Porch” radio program. He has an MA in Marriage and Family Therapy and works full time as a Marriage Therapist at the Chicago Christian Counseling Center.  In addition to seeing couples and individuals experiencing marital disharmony, he conducts day long workshops for married couples and engaged couples.

Doug and his wife Shirley have been married for 39 years and have 9 children and 4 grandchildren, is passionate about helping couples enjoy their marriage as God intended.

Summary of the Workshop

The first session on January 24 will begin by briefly exploring why marriage exists and what the Church teaches us about God’s design for it.  This will lay the groundwork for everything that follows. The rest of the evening will look into how successful couples manage the conflicts that naturally arise in all marriages.

Continuing with the conflict management theme, the second session on January 31 will explore positive ways to repair the damage after the fight or regrettable incident.  We will then wrap up by examining the three hallmarks of successful marriages – friendship, affection and appreciation.

Based on the latest research in what makes for happy marriages, these session are practical and will give you the tools you need to move your marriage to the next level.