VBS - Camper Registration for Children in Kindergarten (Age 5) through Grade 5

    There will not be a Pre-k VBS offered this summer.
  • Registration for VBS Campers, K-5

  • NameDate of Birth, (age 5 by 7/21)GenderCamper T-Shirt Size (XS, S, M, L, XL) 
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  • Placement of Siblings

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    Please fill out the information below. You may leave the Confidential information blank if there are no current issues or concerns.
  • To best support you and your child(ren), please let us know of any allergies, physical limitations, learning challenges, special needs and/or family circumstances (recent separation, divorce, death or illness). Please contact Mary Jo (331-707-5378) prior to the start of vbs so we may learn how to support you in the care of your child(ren)’s needs and growing faith. Thank you!
  • Medical Insurance Information

    Our Diocese ask for the information below to assure for child safety when they are in the care of the parish program.
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  • VBS Fees

    Fees go toward the cost of each child's vbs materials, t-shirt, prepackaged snacks, and the vbs music digital card (one per household).
  • After you hit SUBMIT, you will be redirected to the PAYMENT page to make payment by credit/debit card. If you need tuition assistance or would like to submit a check or cash as payment, please contact us at maryjot@olmercy.com THANK YOU!
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