Children (Kindergarten – Grade 5)

The goal of the program is to meet Jesus and to grow in his love. The Religious Education Program provides an environment where children can learn what it means to be a follower of Jesus who loves us beyond all measure and how to live as Catholic Christian people. It provides the opportunity to discuss these concepts about our faith in small communities supplementing what is taught in their homes.


Child Sacraments

Updated Information on Family First Reconciliation & Eucharist Programs Coming Soon!

Reconciliation is usually received during the winter months and Eucharist during the Easter season.

If your child/children are in third grade or above, please contact Mary Jo Trapani in the Religious Education Office, 331-707-5378

Catechist Information

As there are approximately 1000 children and teens in Religious Formation, we need about 180 Catechists who are willing to share their faith. If you are interested in becoming a Catechist, please contact Jean Palasz in the Religious Education Office at or phone (331)707-5369.

Other Important Information

Emergency Closing of Classes
Please check the Emergency Closing website at during serious weather situations. You may also call 312/222-SNOW. Our facility name is Our Lady of Mercy Parish.

Contact Us

Attendance Call-In Line: (331)707-5382

Religious Education Office
701 S. Eola Road, Aurora, IL 60504

Jean Palasz Religious Education Secretary, Grades K-5 | RCIC Coordinator