June 2 – Corpus Christi

In every Mass there are entrance and exit processions with priest, deacons, and servers! Have you ever wondered why? What does this simple gesture of walking in and out of Mass mean? The reason is simple: in this world, we are on a journey. It can be clearly seen in our daily lives. We are constantly on the go, going between point A and point B.  This is seen in our careers, our vocations, but more importantly in our spiritual lives. We are on a journey from this world to the next!

However, like any journey, our spiritual life is filled with many obstacles, crosses, and trials.  And if it isn’t apparent to you by now, let me be the first to tell you: the spiritual journey was never meant to be traveled alone, nor are we un-equipped to make that journey! 

This Sunday we celebrate Corpus Christi – the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ.  It is an old tradition of the Church to have a longer procession with the Eucharist after Mass, which we will do on the parish grounds after the noon Mass. Some churches will carry the Eucharist throughout their entire town. What does this symbolize? Why go out into the world with the Eucharist in a Monstrance (that gold frame in which we carry our Lord)? This procession reveals to those around us, and even to ourselves, that we are on a journey with the Lord; and that our Lord has given us food for that journey.  He has equipped us with His Body and Blood, to feed, nourish, and to give us strength for the road ahead.

On this day of Corpus Christi, let us give praise with joy and gratitude to the Lord our God who gives us His very Body and Blood, and who travels with us in our journey of life!

Father Michael