From the Pastor’s Desk

January 9, 2022 – Baptism of the Lord

Is your Christmas tree still up?  After all, Christmas is not simply a day, it is a season.  Almost four weeks after Christmas Day, this glorious season concludes. At the beginning we celebrate the birth of Jesus and walk in faith, the hand of the infant Jesus holding our hand.  Today, as we celebrate the Baptism of Jesus, our Christmas season ends and the hands of the adult Jesus with his arms around our shoulders guides us.  It is a day to reflect on our own baptism however long ago that was.

Our baptism is our gateway into the sacrament life of the Church.  Through baptism we carry on the mission of Jesus in our day-to-day lives.  Just as Jesus’ ministry began with his baptism by John, so our ministry to others begins as we grow in the life of the Church.  BAPTISM is the beginning.  Through the sacraments we are called to be Church to those around us.  We are the Church.  We are the Body of Christ.

After his baptism by John, and before his public ministry begins, Jesus retires alone to a private place for sincere prayer.  He prepares himself for what is to come.  How many of us pray before we begin something new and life-changing? Such as a new job, getting married, beginning a new family?  Our baptismal promises urge us to nurture our prayer life.  Prayer has the power to transform our lives.  How much time we spend and where we choose to be when we pray is always up to us.  For some, sitting in a quiet church or chapel is ideal.  For others, the kitchen table, the garden, or a quiet place in the woods, or even your car on the way to or from work.  Every place and time can be a good place to pray.

As we have begun a new year, make a resolution to embrace the meaning of your baptism – you were commissioned to continue the work of Jesus, and get the power to do that by deepening your life of prayer!

With the close of the Christmas Season, on behalf of Fr. James, Deacon Tom, our permanent deacons, seminarian Andrew and our staff, I thank everyone who gifted us with home-made goodies, candy, personal Christmas presents, your best wishes and prayers.  We would also like to extend a profound “thank you” to our Art & Environment Committee, Liturgy Team, all our Musicians, liturgical ministers and anyone who helped make our 2021 celebration of Christmas at OLM a wonderful and beautiful experience!

Have a blessed week!

Father Don