From the Pastor’s Desk

June 6 – The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ

Today we celebrate the foundational Catholic truth that Jesus is really present in the Eucharist, which unfortunately during this COVID pandemic, which started in March 2020, many have been deprived of receiving. Today we celebrate the Body and Blood of Jesus – our communion with Him through the Eucharist.  As I said, many, for various reasons have not be able to come to Mass and are spiritually starving!  Technology allowed us to livestream Mass to watch on television and mobile devices, but technology cannot provide for receiving Holy Communion.  During the pandemic, our bishop gave a general dispensation from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass.  I suspect the obligation to attend Sunday Mass will be re-instated soon (if it already hasn’t been since I’ve written this article).

One of the aspirational values we are encouraging our parishioners to embrace is the Primacy of Sunday Eucharist.  We dream to be a parish where everyone hungers to be nourished by the true presence of Christ in Word and Eucharist, giving priority to coming to Mass every Sunday.  That means not attending Mass only if we can fit it in our schedule between kids sporting events, projects we want to get done around the house, and any of the numerous reasons we can find for not attending Mass.  Instead, we attend Mass BEFORE (or after) doing all the other activities in our schedule.  Why?

Can you recall what was your most memorable meal?  This question was posed by a hostess at a dinner party, and she received a variety of answers.  One couple said that their most memorable meal was a three course dinner which was made by an executive chef for them on their honeymoon while on a river cruise in Paris.  Another couple said that their most memorable was the first time their children served them breakfast in bed on their anniversary.  A man who had been a boy scout said his most memorable meal was a meal of hobo hamburgers, which he prepared in tin foil over a campfire.  A mother of three said her most memorable meal was a meal at which she ate nothing.  It was the first time she nursed her newborn son.

I would add that your First Communion should be included in your list of most memorable meals!  The truth is that the Eucharist is the perfect meal!  Because, in this meal we share the body and blood of Christ, the real presence of our Savior.  Christ is the source of life and therefore the source of all the blessing in our lives, which we commemorate in all the other meals we celebrate.  The Eucharist is the meal which is the source of all our meals, because in the Eucharist, we encounter the author of life who is the source of every blessing.  Through Christ we are blessed in our family, our friends, our talents, and our possessions.  All of these gifts come for Christ.  In the Eucharist we encounter Him and celebrate the blessings we have received!  That should have priority in our Sunday meal plans!!

Have a blessed week!

Father Don