From the Pastor’s Desk

April 18 – Third Sunday of Easter

Happy Easter! As we celebrate the Third Sunday of Easter, I would like to extend a profound and heartfelt “THANK YOU” to several groups of people who put their heart and soul in serving you, our parishioners, during the Lenten and Easter seasons. I am always hesitant to single out individual people because inevitably, I will forget to include someone,
but I do want to mention Fr. James. Not long after Fr. James arrived, I
told him that I wanted him to preside and preach the three liturgies of the
Sacred Triduum – Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and the Easter Vigil. He
looked at me like a deer in headlights! What! He exclaimed! I told him I
thought it would be a great experience for him as a newly ordained and
that really the Triduum is one continuous liturgy, spread over three days.
He embraced the challenge and did what I thought was a splendid job.
His next pastor probably won’t be as demanding!

There are three groups that I want to specifically extend my deep appreciation for all the time, effort and energy that they so generously gave to ensuring a prayerful Lenten and Easter Season. First, the Liturgical Planning and Mass Coordinators. A tremendous amount of thought and
energy went in to the details and coordination required to provide worship during the COVID pandemic protocols and limits. Thanks to all
who cleaned, set-up, and took down what need to be done. Great
job….everything went smoothly! Next, the Art and Environment Committee. As usual, we were recipients of their creative talent! The
gradual transformation from the stark environment of Lent to the splendid
beauty of Easter was stunning and beautiful! Thank you for the endless
hours of planning and then preparing and executing an inspiring environment of worship.

Next, the Liturgical and Music Ministers. A big thank you to all our
greeters who so warmly and enthusiastically welcomed our parishioners
and visitors to Masses and other liturgical services. You are our frontline of our mission to provided everyone with a life changing encounter
with Jesus. Thanks to those liturgical ministers who spent time preparing
to serve at Mass as Deacons, Readers, Lectors, Extra-Ordinary Ministers
of the Eucharist. A big thank you to our seminarians too for their assistance during Holy Week, the Triduum and Easter Sunday. Despite the
fact that COVID pandemic protocols still do not permit choirs and brass
instruments, our Music Director coordinated beautiful, inspiring and uplifting music for all our liturgies during Lent and Easter. We are blessed
at OLM to have so many gifted musicians and vocalists. We express our
appreciation to all of them who uplifted us musically and blessed us with
hope during this Easter season. And a huge THANK YOU to our
Livestream Team for keeping those who are unable to be present
physically, to be present in spirit. Hopefully, I haven’t forgotten any
group. If I did, I apologize. Know of my appreciation!

Have a Blessed Easter Season!

Father Don