December 7, 2020 | Fr. Don

Although the people were fascinated by John, he admits that he is not the one to dispense this grace. He speaks not of himself but of Jesus, of whom he is unworthy to stoop and loosen the thongs of his sandals. Only the One coming after him, the Savior who in all generosity stoops to untangle the knot of our sins and thoroughly cleanse us, will supply the grace to overcome sin.

In Advent, the grace of Jesus waits for us in the confessional. Let yourself be drawn there, as the people were drawn to the Jordan. Allow yourself first to be convicted, then converted, and finally, redeemed by the Christ Child’s love.

Melinda Knight

Merciful Father, help me to accept the grace of repentance
and to make a good confession this Advent.
Let my heart be opened to the healing love
of your Son, in the power
of the Holy Spirit.