October 20th | Twenty-Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time

I am away this weekend on my fall vacation to…….you guessed it! I am in beautiful Sonoma County California tasting new altar wines and visiting friends. My 10-day visit also gives Fr. Sean Rogers the pastor and only priest at St. John the Baptist Church in Healdsburg the opportunity to get away for a break, as I will celebrate the weekday and weekend Masses while I am there. This vacation is also kind of a “last fling” for gastronomical delights. When I get back from vacation, I need to embrace some major lifestyle changes in my eating and activity habits. Prior to leaving on vacation, I had my annual physical. My doctor was not happy with my weight and results of some of my blood tests. By AMA standards, I am morbidly obese! Five years ago, I wore 38-inch waist pants. Today it is 46! My doctor said he would like to see me live to reach my retirement in 2022, and many years beyond to enjoy it. I would too! When you visit a zoo, there are signs all over that read “Please Do Not Feed the Animals.” I am going to have a sign made “Please Do Not Feed the Pastor!” So, bye-bye to sweets (cake, pie, cookies, candy, flan, concha, anything with added sugar), no fried foods (chips, egg rolls, French fries, etc.), no foods high in sodium (hot dogs, pizza, bacon, sausage, sandwiches, soup and the list goes on), no carbonated beverages. Three years ago, I had a kidney removed and my protein intake needs to be less, so no dairy (milk, cheese, ice cream) and because of having acid reflux, I should avoid tomatoes, garlic and anything with high acid content. Sounds like I should become a vegan, huh? NO WAY!! I could do vegetarian. I have in the past for short periods. However, the absolute hardest thing for me to cut out of my diet will be bread – ALL bread! And of course, no more McDonald’s, White Castle, etc. Thankfully, my doctor said wine “in moderation” is fine.

The second to address is my lack of exercise. Walking Chardonnay twice daily is not really exercise. She is part hound, and hounds stop every 10 feet to sniff. Fit Shepherds?? Don’t want to embarrass myself. Bike riding? Winter is upon us. I have a membership to the gym across the parking lot, but for the last two years, I’ve been basically making a monthly donation to the Fox Valley Park District!

So, I need your prayers to get motivated and I need your help by not tempting me with your home-made goodies or store bought treats! DON’T FEED THE PASTOR!!

Have a Blessed Week!

Fr Don