November 11, 2018 – Thirty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time

In today’s gospel the poor widow is honored by Jesus because “she contributed all she had, her whole livelihood!”  Our nation pauses today to honor our veterans who gave their very selves to protect and preserve the freedom’s we enjoy as a nation.  So, on this Veteran’s Day, we offer our thanks and gratitude to all our veterans living and deceased, and we pray for the safety of all who are serving in the armed forces today, putting their lives on the line.  Thanks for your service!

November is a time in which we remember our deceased loved ones.  All Saints Day was a celebration of those who lived the Christian life in such an inspiring way in their time, that their story gives hope for us as we try to live a Christian life today.  All Souls Day was a day we remembered and prayed for all our departed loved ones.  I especially want to thank our Hispanic Community for familiarizing the rest of the parish community with “Altar de Muertos – Day of the Dead Altar” that was displayed in the church narthex.  The poster board and sheets with the explanation of all the symbols was so helpful to understand this custom and tradition. I was personally touched by seeing a picture of Fr. Donald Kenny included on the second level of the altar with the pictures of so many deceased loved ones.  Nice to know he is not forgotten for his mission work in South America.  Thanks also to our art & environment committee for the lovely display of our Book of the Deceased.  Placed by the baptismal font and near the Paschal candle, we are reminded that “if we have died with Christ in baptism, we shall also rise with him.”  The Book of the Deceased will be there through November.  Please feel free to write in names of deceased loved ones to be prayed for as we remember our faithful departed this month.

And so, as the next couple of Sunday’s wind down the liturgical year, our focus will move to the reality that our live on this earth will end.  In our heads we know that. But when I hear someone say “Oh well, no one lives forever” my response is “Oh yes we do!”  Those who believe in Jesus Christ and His resurrection do live forever!  So, while our heads know the reality of death and our hearts may fear it, our minds should be at peace because eye has not seen, nor ear heard what God has prepared for those who love Him!

Have A Blessed Week!

Fr Don