Sixth Sunday of Easter

I hope you’ve noticed!  After almost 21 years of countless praying knees, the padding on the kneelers in church were pretty worn down. Those worn out pads have been replaced!  We thank parishioner Peyton D’Orazio who, for his Eagle Scout project, organized and coordinated a team of volunteers (mostly youth) to remove the old padding and install new padding on the 287 kneelers in church.  This was all done in 1 day!  Way to go Peyton and team!!  And the project was funded by the profits of last year’s Mercy Fest.  And I have my sights set on another project for MercyFest profits this year. I think most of you would agree with me……. the sound system/acoustics in church definitely needs improved and updated!  I don’t know about you, but at times, depending where I sit in church, I find it difficult to hear what is being said from the ambo, cantor stand and even the presider’s mic.  In the 21 years the current sound system has been in use, there are many technological advances that new systems have today.  And I especially want to add hearing devices and technology for those with hearing loss.  I have already received bids from 3 companies and the project is not cheap.  So, we need to have a really successful MercyFest this year!  I know that chairs Tony/Jennifer Leazzo and Tom Martin are already hard at work planning this year’s MercyFest.  I know they want to make MercyFest special this year in celebration of the parish 30th anniversary.  It’s not too soon to volunteer your help! If you’ve never been involved with MercyFest, now is the time!  And I make a special invite to those who are “alumni” volunteers and workers from the past who so generously gave of your time and efforts to make previous Mercy Fests so successful, for old times’ sake and unity of celebrating our parish 30th anniversary – come back and help this year!!!  Contact Tony at 630.566.9870 to volunteer.  The dates for MercyFest this year are October 4th – 7th.

I know you always find Fr. Mark’s homilies very inspiring – I do!  Fr. Mark spends a great deal of time praying and preparing (and sometimes agonizing) over his homilies.  Sometimes he will say to me on a Thursday morning “I ain’t got nothing!” worried about what he will preach on that weekend. Well, the Holy Spirit always seems to come through and inspire him. I’ve told his mom I haven’t decided yet if I am living with a future bishop or saint! I think he could be the modern day Bishop Sheen! If you missed the homily he gave at all the Masses two weeks ago (April 22nd) you need to go to the parish APP and listen to it! He spoke about the need to pray for vocations to the priesthood and religious life.  He also spoke about the need for men to step up to the plate and be more involved in the faith formation of their children, but also for men to become more deeply in touch with their masculine spirituality.  And to do this through sharing faith with other men through the common bond of simply working out (exercising) with each other.  So, last Saturday 70 guys of all ages showed up at 7:00AM in our parking lot to exercise with Fr. Mark (I went on a bike ride).  I could only help but think – with in shape, blonde haired Fr. Mark leading exercises – that Fr. Mark is the Jack LaLanne of our times!  Unfortunately, he and most of the guys exercising with him have no idea who Jack LaLanne was!  God bless ‘em!  Ah! To be young again!

Have a Blessed Easter Season!

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