Children (Kindergarten – Grade 5)

Families of Faith ~ Growing Together in Christ 

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Sign Up to Volunteer for Trunk or Treat with the Saints Here!  

Volunteers hosting a Saint Mobile arrive at 1:00 pm to claim your reserved parking space & do your set-up!  

As a volunteer decorate your TRUNK to reflect your chosen Saint.  Bring 125 store bought treats to share! 

Everyone can dress up as your favorite Saint(s)! (Kids can also wear an appropriate Halloween costume or simply come in their play clothes.)

See Saint Costume Ideas Here!

Two More Ways We Can Support You As A Volunteer!!  

We have a collection of children’s Saint books (15-20 pages) to inspire ideas for trunk decorating and costumes.  We have some props and Saint costumes for male and female students in our Family Faith Formation Office.  Come by and check them out today!

Our office has some donated treats to share so call (331.707.5378) and let me know if we can help with your trunk’s treats.  All treats must be prepackaged store bought items!  Get as creative and clever as you want and connect your treat to your Saint!  For example, share kit kat bars for the Patron Saint of Cats, Saint Gertrude, or share animal crackers for Saint Francis of Assisi, Patron Saint of Animals.

What a great way to evangelize each other and spread the Good News of a Saint who has gone before us and continues to point us to Jesus!



At Our Lady of Mercy Parish, we equip parents to be the first teachers of their children’s faith in order to raise life-long disciples of Jesus.  We do this in four life-changing ways.

Transformed by Jesus through the celebration of the Sacraments, we are empowered to serve as His beloved children.

Parents share and reflect on God’s story of love at home with their children.

We use the gifts of our family catechists trained in the art of accompaniment and facilitation of faith encounters with Jesus.

We will host family faith events designed to strengthen our friendship with Jesus and one another while we use His Works of Mercy to care for our brothers and sisters in need.

Reconciliation & Holy Eucharist

Our Parent-led sacramental series is similar to our Faith Stories Series, equipping parents to facilitate their faith gatherings at home.

Does your child have non-traditional learning preferences?  Need a resource that supports children with learning differences?  Contact us today!  331-707-5378

Would you like to learn the particulars of engaging this path of family faith formation? 

Contact Mary Jo Trapani at 331-707-5378 or feel free to email her at


Are you a passionate disciple who enjoys gathering families with a heart of hospitality?

Do you enjoy engaging others in faith discussions and prayer?

Would you like to discover how to offer life-changing encounters of Jesus and grow disciples?

See our Contact Information below and Inquire about Becoming a Family Catechist today!

Contact Us

Mary Jo Trapani, Director of Parish Family Evangelization & Catechesis, Age 4 Kindergarten- Grade 5 | RCIC or (331)707-5378

Jean Palasz Religious Education Secretary, Grades K-5 | RCIC or (331)707-5369

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