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Do you find yourself struggling in overcoming your battle with pornography?   Restore is a weekly (anonymous) meeting where men lean on each other for support and accountability and share ideas as to how to strengthen our resolve to stay on God’s path of chastity.  All men are welcome, whether you have been free of pornography addiction for many years or struggle with it every single day.

If you are ready to start breaking free from the grips of pornography and want to Restore your life email us at to find out more information on when and where we meet.

Be encouraged; check out this Testimony.


As the pandemic hit and lockdowns went into effect, porn usage skyrocketed. This should not surprise us as Satan is at work in the lockdown; he wants you to watch porn. Father Mark encourages those struggling with pornography and introduces Restore, a new ministry at OLM.

Covenant Eyes

Accountability and filtering software



Take the Covenant eyes 40 day challenge


Overcoming the addiction

Listen as Matt Fradd breaks down overcoming pornography addiction

Overcoming the addiction

Quit porn and live a better life; STRIVE with Matt Fradd

Overcoming the addiction

Read Hobbies & Habits, an ebook on fighting porn with purpose

For Parents

How covenant eyes works for your children




Read Equipped an ebook about Smart Catholic Parenting in a Sexualized Culture


How to talk to your children about sex

Other Resources




List of Anonymous Support Groups in the Chicagoland Area